My father fought for my country in WWII.

A Blessed Day for Christendom

Tuned in on television soon as I arrived home at one o’clock in the morning, hoping to see white smoke come out of Sistine Chapel’s chimney. Alas, after exactly an hour, I had to sleep, for I have to rise again in a couple of hours, and little did I know that just a few minutes after my head lulled to deep slumber, the white smoke I had been waiting for would bring good news, a new Pope has been elected.cheering

Pope Francis, a humble Argentinian, advocate of the poor, a Jesuit, breathing at 76 years with only one lung, is now the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and of course, deep in the hearts of every Catholic, that includes everyone who calls himself a Christian.

The great command is evangelizebring the good news to people who do not know our Saviour,Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Most High.

And with glad tidings, we obey, and are ultra excited, for now we have Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, in the line of Peter, the Rock to whom our Lord Jesus built His Church.

By the way, Pope Francis, am sure, is dedicated to my favorite saint, Saint Francis of Assisi, the rich lad who turned himself away from material wealth and embraced the poor, the sick, the hungry, and loved the animals and nature. Rumor has it he run with the deer and flew with the eagles. Ain’t that saying something? Pope Francis is sending us a message, let us listen and heed.

Father Cash

There’s an exciting (more likely newly ordained) priest called Fr. Cash, who bears an uncanny semblance to that comedian Ogie Alcasid, but this youthful priest, believe me, is a lot more comic, totally refreshing, absolutely handsome. He apologized for his ultra energy, he was, he said, positively excited to meet us. He didn’t know he had a calling, for he wanted to be a seaman.Fr. Cash comes from an ultra poor family from Bacolod, where he, being the eldest in the family, helped his parents in trying to make ends meet. So, in between his studies, for he was able to secure a scholarship, he engaged in all kinds of income earning chores, including raising pigs. And yet, his parents never acknowledged his work. With a heavy heart, he left home and sought refuge in a mission home, where he was educated, and the rest is history.Fr. Cash received a call from his mother, crying, telling him that his father has TB, so he asked, is it flat screen?, and sent money for medicine. Not long after, his mother called again and said his father has UTI and ulcer, so he asked what his father was drinking?, and his mother said coke. He sent home money for medicine. His mother called again, to tell him that his father had an accident, a cargo fell and pinned his father’s head on top of the truck. Fr. Cash felt sad, for what else could happen to his father. Recently, his mother called and told him his father’s liver is ailing, and diagnosis, if he was not mistaken, was the Big C.

Fr. Cash asked for prayers, for his family, because they are so poor, and his father, for he is the only father he has got.

My Lola’s Feast Day Today.

They say that a saint’s feast day is commemorated on the saint’s death day.

There is one person in my life I call a saint, and that would be my grandmother, Lola Naty.

Today is the feast day of my grandmother, Lola Naty, she died thirty-two years ago. and left behind seven children and some twenty-six grandchildren. It feels good to remember this old lady, who, when my siblings and I were little, quietly prepared our breakfasts, taught us to pray the Angelus and the Rosary wholeheartedly every night, shielded us with her calm resolve from the violent storms, and brought us to hilarious failed picnics, swim pools, downtown movies with treats either at the panciteria or batchoy @ Skorpios, and the annual Acies (the renewing of pledge to the Blessed Mother).

Lola, as we called her, accent on the second syllable, was a partner in crime, for she translated my homework in Spanish, making my teacher believe I was proficient in the language, till he asked me to recite in class and discovered the only conversation I could carry is Si Senyor, perdona me, pero no mas intiende. I think the only thing that saved me and gave me a good grade was my singing of Dios Te Salve Maria, which of course, was our growing up Santakrusan song every merry month of May. LOL.

Will light up a candle and lay some flowers, on Lola Naty’s grave at Loyola later today. Hoping that her children and grandchildren, wherever they may be, would remember this courageous lady who endured, with certainty, many of the harshest trials in life. ♥

Thanks from Tish

The British Royalty

The House of  Tudors did it again. Queen Elizabeth hosted another pomp and pageantry by commanding all the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men in staging the Royal Wedding of the new century: William Weds Kate!

2 billion people had been granted front seats for the occasion. And the world literally stopped, breathing sigh after sigh, as Mercedes Benzs and Rolls Royces wearing the royal seal process the route to Westminster Abbey. Brothers William and Harry had totally grown into men. Diana must be smiling from heaven, happy for her boys. And dashingly, like knights in uniform, the world’s most famous brothers gave the world another lesson on gallantry. Being royal means acknowledging that your constituents love you. And they did just that. Videos though showed that Harry is up to teasing Will well and good on his wedding….

The writers and the fashion world are scrambling for the right words to describe the new Princess Kate… how about beautiful?

There is so much more to say about this JUST WED English drama… but I want to enjoy the videos again…. so….

Thank You!

The gospel today is about the 10 lepers who desperately shouted for pity from our Lord Jesus. Jesus healed them and told them to go on their way. But one returned to say THANK YOU.

How often do we remember to say THANK YOU? Everyday, despite our problems and worries, we are filled with blessings. The company of a loved one, the presence of a friend, a smile from a stranger – there is so much to be thankful for. It is a good practice if, at the end of the day, we recall the things that gave us much pleasure and happiness. Then we say THANK YOU JESUS, it had been a wonderful day!

Actually, the homily of Fr. Ferdie, a new guest priest, this morning came in very timely. I had been feeling foul all week. Things just didn’t jibe. Mommy called the other day and she was so pent up. And that was the time Jean chose to be obstinate!  There was simply no one to turn to. Tish was as busy as a bee… The three of us hunted for insects…and the fatigue caught up with me… I was just about ready to turn my back and scream…I was beginning to feel I was in a doll’s house, or a glass menagerie, where we stored the insects collected!

But Fr. Ferdie explained that the number 10 was there for a reason. The Jews regard the number 10 as the wholeness of being, a totality. The 10 lepers were considered dead, and yet they became alive again. All because Jesus healed them. Everyday, we experience failures and frustrations because we can’t manifest everything that we want. Yet, at the end of the day, when we say our night prayers, all we have to mutter is a simple THANK YOU. And everything will fall into place.  Everything will be all right.

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