My Old Daddy!

My daddy is lying old and helpless. This past three weeks, he had been in and out of the hospital. It was probably because of this sad news that I dreamed about him last night.  In my dream, daddy was wearing his prosthetic foot.  He is trying to adjust his balance and I am holding both his hands so that he will not fall.  And we tried to walk around.

I didn’t have an ending to that dream.  But I am thinking about my daddy today.  He had been a very good husband to my mommy, a good daddy to me and my siblings, and a good provider to my whole family.  Daddy is a quiet man.  He talks only when necessary.  But I sure do hope he talks to my mom now.  He is in deep pain.

Mother Mary, please cuddle my daddy a little bit more.

The Greater Good

I had always encountered situations where people must choose between the lesser of two evils.  Only today did I realize that there is such a thing as the greater good.

Once there was a good man.  His job is to keep the light on in the lighthouse so that sailing ships would know if they are dangerously near the shore. And the lighthouse man had kept well in keeping that light beaming.

One night though, a mother came to ask if she could have a little fuel for her child’s study lamp.  Her child had to burn the midnight oil for the exams the following day.  And the lighthouse man gave her just enough for the night.

Another night, someone came up and asked for fuel because he had to take his wife to the hospital for childbirth.  And the lighthouse man obliged.

At another time, a family came to ask for fuel because they had no gas to cook their food.  And the lighthouse man gave again.

So the people had gotten used to asking him for an extra fuel everytime they need it for something.  And the lighthouse man felt good helping the people in their predicaments.

One stormy day though, the lighthouse man realized that he had not enough fuel to last for a stormy night.  He waited for his supply which was due to come that day.  But because it was stormy, the delivery truck failed to come.

That night, the wind howled and the waters tossed.  At midnight, when the storm was raging like madness, the lighthouse ran out of fuel.  And darkness enveloped the shore.

By morning, three ships had wrecked and had left thousands dead. An investigation was conducted and the lighthouse man was interrogated.  At the courtroom, he defended himself by saying that he had given some of the fuel to those in need.  But the judge told him that that is not enough.  He had done well to help other people but by doing so, he had given way to a catastrophic tragedy.  His job was to keep that light burning bright.  And he failed to do that.

In life, when asked to make a judgment, we must always choose the greater good.

Aye! Aye!

God Comes First!

Today’s liturgy talks about our willingness to put God first in our lives. As Christians, we go to Sunday services religiously, donate our extra bucks to charity, intermingle with family and friends in the community.  And then at the end of the day, we call ourselves Christians and we are happy with that.

But that is not what it is to be a true blue Christian.  Being a Christian means following Christ all the way. Being a Christian means taking up the cross and following Christ, without hesitation, without looking back and worrying about something else before following Christ.

By way of example, a priest related the story of an overseas contract worker who had made it good in an alien land.  In fact, this employee had risen up the ranks and held a position with good salary.  And because of this high figure income, the employee was able to bring his wife and two young children to the alien land where he worked.  He never foresaw that his being a Christian would create a situation that would make him ponder about what matters to him most.  As it happened, this worker had a gift of music.  And the one offering that he unconditionally gives to God is to play in the Sunday service.  In the land where he worked, going to mass on Thursday, Friday or Saturday is already considered a Sunday obligation because Sunday in this land was a workday. But one Sunday, the mass was special because of a feastday.  And this worker wanted to play music for this mass.  He asked the permission of his boss if he could report for work in advance so he could have the Sunday for Chruch.  But his boss adamantly told him that if he fails to come to work on Sunday, he will be terminated from his job. With sadness in his heart, he left and proceeded to practice his music. He was fired.  But sooner than he knew it, his boss was also fired for letting him go.


It had been raining for sometime now.  After the unbearable heat that El Nino cast upon us, the rain is soothing and refreshing. There is no major storm yet and the downpours are somewhat limited to a twenty minute time limit. Yet when it rains, it pours! The other day, when I went to fetch Tish in UP, the rain dropped like mad. I passed underneath the gauntlet of breaking branches of acacia trees at Loyola Grand Villas.  And when I reached the Tumana zigzag, the flash of mud water raged down upon me. I thought it was an exciting feeling, renewing my love for rain, except for Zeus’ Z lightnings and rumbling thunderstorms. 🙂


Mylot is a social networking site where people get to correspond with other people from all walks of life.  One gets paid for a post and participation in discussions.

I had been blogging in mylot for over a year.  My earnings is very minimal because I do not accept tasks where I could earn more.  But I had enjoyed the correspondence.  I made some genuine friends and some genuine enemies, too.

For all it is worth, Mylot had made me think about who the person I am because of the stances I had made for my beliefs and my principles in life.

My Philippines!

My country is on the verge of changing colors.  By June 30, the Aquino yellow will be the tall order of the day.  Well, yellow is not exactly my favorite color.  I find it too bright or too flashy.  But it is the color of the sun.  And I like it when the world is shiny.  Makes me feel that life is beautiful and grand and exciting.

Well, so much for wishful thinking…

Reality check:  There is much to be done!

But I am not about to enumerate all the grievances here. I am done with that. Twenty-five years or something after the peaceful revolution at EDSA, there are a mountain of desires left wanting. I had believed then that when I do my part, my Philippines would be a better country to live in. Alas! That is not so! My fellow Filipinos had deemed it better to serve themselves. The result? A million more poor suffering and dying by the hour, clinging to that hope that the life given them was one to be nourished and cherished, even if their paradise is infested with roaches and rats.

I am tired!  The other day, I was given a ticket for reckless driving.  I was just too exhausted to defend myself.  The traffic at EDSA was horrendous.  I thought I could escape the jam by taking the long route way back via Roxas Boulevard.  Sigh! It was even more infuriating because, I learned later, there was an event at the old Metropolitan Theater.  They were reopening the theater. So that was why there were so many higantes at the MET gates. When I got to Quezon Avenue and Commonwealth, the traffic status had not changed.  Neither at Katipunan. And I was apprehended there for stopping abruptly and being at the wrong lane in a U-turn.  With the traffic congestion and my own physical exhaustion, I deemed it wise not to argue with the enforcer.  The only consolation I had in this experience is at least I know how it feels to have a road ticket.

I tell my girls every now and then that the Philippines is our home, our base, our headquarters.  I tell them about the God-given natural resources that other countries are not blessed with.  The beaches, the coconut trees, the pristine islands, the corals, the deep… there is so much to be thankful for.  But the people and poverty, to borrow that old Greek adage, it seems that beauty exists hand in hand with doom.

I pray not.  I do hope that when the sun rises on the morrow of June 30, it will be another blessed day for the people, a blessed day for the poor to know what life is truly.

Is Philippine Law Subservient to a Particular City Law?

I had a most interesting morning.  I was flagged down by the blue shirts at Marcos Highway.  I was thinking about what my violation was when the man in blue said that he was Pasig Traffic Police and that the particular place I was in was Pasig.  Thereby I was guilty of violating the number coding law that was being implemented by the Pasig local government traffic police.

I was taken aback as I prodded my grey cells to defend myself at a law I was not even knowlegeable at.  I know that ignorance of the law is punishable by law. But I had plied through Marcos Highway since it was constructed in the 80’s.  I know that  the course of the highway passes through Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina, Pasig, Marikina again, and on to Quezon City where the number code is strictly imposed.  Still, if one is just crossing through or making a U-turn, the Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA would allow one to pass through.  That is because there is no recourse for the motorist to get to his destination without making that cross.  So I always get to U-turn at Katipunan, the bottle neck from Rizal to the metropolis.

I therefore argued my case.  No way could I get to Katipunan if they would stop me at the portion of the highway that is located in Pasig.  What would they want me to do? Fly?

I told the blue shirt which was not MMDA if what he was telling me was sound.  Even a kindergarten pupil would know that it was not physically possible to obey their law  unless they install a fly over in the highway so the motorists would not ply their space.  In the first place, Marcos Highway itself was not bound by the coding. Thereby, there was a catch to the law they implemented.

I contended that the highway itself must be an exception to their rule. And never could Philippine law be subservient to a city law.

The blue shirt said we must go to a the baranggay to settle the matter.  I said okay and I would park at the Sta Lucia Mall grounds and go with them in their patrol car.  The blue shirt replied that it was not necessary to do that because he would ride in my vehicle. That was the time I cursed because: 1) a police must never ask to ride in a private car and 2) I was female and what he said could mean many things.  I shouted at him and said I will charge him of sexual harassment especially so when he kept putting his hand inside my vehicle window. His partner shoved him off and told me to go.


Why There Is A God.

Ninoy Aquino said that once upon a not so distant past, he was imprisoned on a solitary confinement for 7 years and 7 months.  It was that length of time alone that he learned what loneliness meant.  It was when he was battling with his mind why he had to undergo such an undeserved suffering that he realized that there must be a God Who would reward him later for enduring that very suffering. And he made a pact with the Almighty that should he get out of his cell, he would declare into the world that there is a God.

He did!

And he was given 3 wonderful years with his family, the very family who would be a nation’s strength after he was killed.

In My Diary 2 June 2010

Mommy called this afternoon. She was physically exhausted. Daddy was rushed again to the hospital.  His blood pressure dropped to 70. (:

Why It Is Good To Be A Roman Catholic!

For Sunday Mass service, the Church doors do not close on the members even if the members are pathetically  late.

The Communion host is free.

The collection is optional.

The priests give free scoops of gossips and intrigues  when they run out of ideas to say for their sermon.

The children can kiss the hands of the priest right after mass.  And the old ladies, too.

The priests can be summoned to perform the Anoiniting of the Sick even at the wee hours of the morning.

The priests are intelligently handsome.  The seminaries had screened them well for our benefit.

We have a long line of popes from Peter.  Makes one feel the Church is formidable against any invasion.

We have saints who lived exemplary lives.  All we have to do is copy.

We have a Mother immaculate and pure. Where else could we have one? And she has a garden full of flowers.

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