In My Diary 18 August 2010 (or My Future Philosophy Book)

Wow! I still can’t write anything.  Is this the case of mental block? But I had been corresponding with many people on mylot. And I don’t seem to have any problem. I just veered away from that site for a moment because the discussion on religion is becoming a bit too intense for comfort.  And I was the discussion starter. I am trying to figure out now how to end the exchange of intellectual punches without hurting my friends. No one would yield  and I feel I must summon Solomon for wisdom. Sigh! My only consolation was that one appreciated the way I write.  I think now that I can pull it off – publishing a book about my blogs, I mean. The title –  Millennium Philosophy: A Simplified Application of the the Golden Rule. LOL! Now, to find that publisher willing to gamble for a nobody like moi.  Ooops! How I belittle myself! I think I will be studied!  My arguments will be quoted by the greatest minds in the academe. Rabelais, Aristotle, Confucius, Leyva! Gosh! Why is there a red line under my name? Hmph!

Anyway, my life remains status quo.  Only the weather changed.  It is raining every afternoon now. With the new administration, the thieves are gradually being unmasked.  I was shocked initially at the stipend marking millions for a single recipient. Reminded me of our Lord saying The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Arreza, get your ass ready for boiling! It is hot, believe me.  You too G and cohorts, hell has no escaping! By my estimate, I don’t think there is time for retribution. ROFL!