Doctors Dancing

Nope, this is not a Broadway nor West End production. No professional dancer here, just a group of student doctors from St. Luke’s College of Medicine, taking a tough break from their transes  (med readings), and find out if they could break a leg.

A modern interpretation of “Alamat ng Pinya,” or the Legend of the Pineapple.

Joining the Selfie World

Time was, pictures were extravagant. A negative roll of 36 is costly. People have to prepare to look their best for a single shot.

This age, there’s a burst of shots for a single image, one has to choose from some 36 shots to get the best, and then photo shop later.

Photos come, not necessarily cheap, but, quick.

Here’s one candid moment, on my daughter’s birthday, She received a bouquet of roses from an admirer, and I owned it.