A Somber Morning

A rainy Thursday, this last day of July is. There is a mother I have to visit, her child has a predicament. I doubt if I can get to her today, with the roads wet and wild. Another postponed success. That is how we call it in the Legion of Mary. Pray the sun comes out later in the afternoon, so we could get things done.

In the meantime, news has it there was a big water leak in California due to old pipes installed under the earth and has now given way. How untimely could it get when that state is currently boiling hot and needs all the water they can save.

But what can be more bad news than the Hamas peppering of Gaza! Makes us wonder if we could have done enough to save humanity. Evil bespeaks as we all seemingly wait and see.

And whether it has come to your attention or not, and it better be, the EBOLA might be in the offing, as it is still contained in Africa, but we must know and understand that this disease has no cure and therefore fatal. A pandemic OUTBREAK spells death far worse than we could ever imagine, because it grips the senses.

Bloom punching Bieber might sound like a winning point, but haven’t we much tasks on our hands than big boys boxing.

Not to worry on a gloomy Thursday. there are much heartaches where we can lead our minds to wander.

And while we are in a pensive mood, we can do with a prayer that all turmoils that beset our world come to pass.

President Benigno Aquino III, emerges from DAP controversy, as yet the kindest president this nation has.

As stubborn and as bratty as he remains, this honest and sincere president who only has the welfare of the people in his mind and in his heart, makes a firm and formidable stance, to protect his suffering bosses, from those who miss the mark.

The DAP issue reverberates through the valleys of death, about its illegality, as the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional. Tell that to the hungry and the ailing, the pauper and the dying. Would they even listen?

NO, they won’t.

What matters to them is the food that could appease the churning of their stomachs.
What matters to them is the paracetamol that could take away the fever that chills both their body and their soul.

This president’s bosses are begging.

And the educated minds calculate that they could wait another day? For what?

For propriety?

Gosh! What propriety are we talking about? Have we not learned about what we must do, that when presented with two evils, we choose the lesser evil?

And the media, whose job is reportage, magnifies its lack of excellence by assuming that every question and opinion that they could think of has every right to be uttered or printed, adding to the buzz or the noise of the professional protesters. The media need to be reminded that senseless presumptions could be detrimental to our nation.

The bosses are down on the pit, dying, and you wait another day to help? Pardon me. Reality check: there is never a tomorrow to live, there is only today.

It is so easy to see that there is no error nor fault in the usage of the savings. The money was spent on the people.

The fault lies on those who make mountain out of a molehill, those who argue that morality is at stake here, because the end does not justify the means.

That is missing the mark.

For did not our Lord say “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

Give that savings to those who suffer and need it, What is the hay for if the horse is dead?

By and large, this president has come of age. To stand against a ruling of the Supreme Court is scary enough, He met it anyway.

That is what I call “My President.”