A genuinely giggly moment. (which perhaps I must delete, for laughing at the President might not be advisable, sigh)

What do you know, the local news week’s unpalatable drama culminates in a laughable moment, when the president chuckles, because of one of the two serious petitions the famous preacher Bro. Eddie begs the Lord: one, to bestow upon the incumbent a glorious presidency (which of course the greatness of which is dimmed by the annals of the past five years, because of horrifying events, and it is only with time, or with history, can this presidency be rendered great), and two, to bestow upon the eligible old bachelor a love life (oh gosh, I can’t stop laughing). At this juncture, Bro. Eddie, I would have found you credible had you asked for a caregiver for the president. You could put me first in the list. Toiinnnk 🙂


The roads thus far ventured.

A wonder how time flies so swiftly, and the life that seems to try to keep pace by the minute.

Some eighteen years ago, in 1996, my daughters’ travel to formal school was by foot, just a simple walk down Lirio Street, a right, a left and another left and wella, it’s the nursery school, a small one, but quite grand in the eyes of my children. So I learned years after, because whenever I ask what is their recollection of early childhood, my girls said it was as if they were blind before nursery school. And of course that was true enough, because except for the Sunday Church, the grocery at the mall, and the occasional beach and pool outings, my daughters were confined to our blue bungalow, in a secluded village by the valley. The presence of playmates, and a teacher, and the absence of their mother, must have been a whole new world to them.

There was some change a year later, for no longer would the girls walk, They have to join a jeepney service full of noisy little Scholasticans and rowdy Marist boys. The daytime seem to be longer, too, for school ends at three o’clock, not much time in the evenings to chatter, for now there were homework and projects to accomplish.

More so through high school, when the distance to school count more traffic lights. and our old jalopy seemed never to cease to crankle.

Ditto with college, when the roads were forever winding, and the thunder and the lightning rumbled and flashed through UP’s mini forest. The nights became days, and sleep was not a friend anymore,

Today, I deposited Tish in a condo her friend owns. That would entail a short morning walk to medical college. And back.

Tomorrow, I have to make my way to the airport again, for the nth time. Jean flies to places, to get her job done.

The roads have become longer and farther. Sometimes, when I course through the highways, I look at the clouds and the heavens, and I pray, thankful, for the roads that I have traversed had been guided and kept safe. There would be more roads to say hello to, more signposts to read. I am forever excited.

Slept like a log.

Sleeping twilight time. because I was in deep slumber the whole afternoon, from twelve high noon till six in the evening. The log sleep was probably due to the recent activities, like coursing EDSA for three hours at 10 kph the other day. Hmmm, fretting while driving was not allowed, especially if all the lanes were occupied, and overtaking was not possible.

The good thing that happened, I did get to see EDSA and the billboards that adorned the long stretch. There was one too many of TGonzaga ads. and my eyes almost got crossed looking, and I did hope the admakers could choose some fresher face, like the UAAP photogenics, to grace their products. Just an opine, please.

What I really would like to narrate is that I did get to meet ordinary but very interesting people. One is a mother who lost her son, but in grief and disbelief, she stands brave and faithful to our God. Another is a schoolmate, and she appears pretty but I know she desperately needs help.

When I was listening to their stories, I was asking myself if I signed up for the grief and the disillusion, for these things could be disconcerting, But I held on, telling myself that each story and each person is an assignment from God.

If only Christianity is as easy as coursing EDSA @ 10 kph and enduring Toni, but I did sign up for the cross, and so I must bear all things. Please God, don’t allow the strength to drain.

And now I must sleep.