In My Diary 17 July 2009

The sporadic rain of the past few days had finally turned into a storm.  Classes had been suspended in the primary and secondary levels.    For the tertiary, the decision  had been left to the discretion of the university administration and to the local government.    Glad the text brigade had been quick in disseminating the UP Main Campus conforming to the advice of the weathermen – stay home!

Jean though is in Makati serving her student volunteer task at Mandarin Hotel.   She seems to be very busy because she did not even comment on the text message I sent about our viewing of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.  And she is an avid HP fan!  Completely!  Heels over head!  But the head can compete and win in any HP contest.   She once did at an Eastwood promotional gimmick.  Since then Jean and Tish live ala HP and his friends.  Even UP’s mini forest had become the dark forest.  But for now, Jean is learning the facts of life fast.  I was a bit emotional seeing her off at the Trinoma train station a few days ago.  She’s wearing slacks and carrying her packed bag, all set for spreading her wings.

Mommy called Sunday morning from a hospital in Los Angeles.  The doctors had deemed it wise to amputate daddy’s left leg.  It had been causing him severe, intolerable pain.  The culturing of the blood isn’t an option anymore.  Sepsis might sip in.  A tube had also been imbedded on daddy’s chest.  For the first time in his life, daddy had given in to distress.   The flesh is weak.  But God truly works in miraculous ways.  Just when he was about to be amputated, the compensation check under the Equity Bill arrived.  That cheered him up and gave him hope.  The spirit is willing!

Patricia’s Piano Debut Recital

Months of painstaking practice had finally come to a pianoforte performance for Tish Saturday afternoon, 4 July 2009 in a debut recital at the Mini Hall of the UP College of  Music.  Family and friends had gathered once more, this time for Tish’s all consuming passion for classical music.

Tish rendered a  non-stop 50 minute performance that made family friend Lissa Pascual declare “I think I was the one who got exhausted just by watching.”  And that was after saying “Malaguena gave me the goosebumps.”  Tish played a Prelude and Fugue in C# Major by Bach, Mozart’s Twelve Variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu Opus 66, Brahms Intermezzo in A, and Gershwin’s Three Preludes.  The repertoire also includes Harana, a local serenade by Filipino composer Buencamino and Malaguena, a Spanish grande by Lacuena.  Our family matriarch Lola Bay handed Tish a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  She said she had never witnessed a live performance played from the heart.  Tish had made the soft, sentimental pieces so moving and the the loud ones so breathtaking.   Many were wary for a wrong note.   In piano, perfection becomes the musician.   Excellence is essential.   Tish had delivered that.

A little pica-pica of pizza pies and pizza rolls, chicken pies and chicken embotido, barbecue and puto followed.  Photo shoots and lots of exciting talk, too.  Foremost was the gown strap that slowly wanted to fall.  Many thought it would drop with the twinkling star, ha ha.  But of course Professor Agot Espino expressed his concern.  I was reprimanded by the elderly folks for overlooking that.   Next time, buy a designer gown!  Good advice.  We were thinking so much of the music we forgot that the appearance is part and parcel of the package.  Lesson learned.

Tish expressed her gratefulness to the Lord God who blessed her with a gift in music.  Family and friends also deserve her gratitude but most especially her elder sister  Jean who played the national anthem and friend Red Tenefrancia who sung the Ave Maria for the invocation as accompanied by another friend Angel Corcuera on the piano.

Professor Agot had already planned another recital for Tish, a Grieg concerto in six months.  Actually it all depends on how much time Tish could spend on the piano.  Her Biology course requires 5 unit subjects in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.   Professor Agot wants Tish to pursue medicine and keep music as a relaxation.  Well, I am just indebted to this man who believed in my daughter and imparted to her his knowledge of the classical music on the piano.   He really turned Tish’s limited style to fine playing.   With her piano debut still swooning in my mind, I could now tell the world my daughter is a pianist.  Praise God!