I care about my city.

I exchanged a few words with Inside Marikina, a blog that showcases the good in my city. I responded to this post –¬†https://marikinacity.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/2016-local-candidates-in-marikina-elections/

Eileen Leyva Please furnish us with the resumes of these names, and the corresponding projects they have done. Their names are not enough for us to know who they are and what they have done. Inside Marikina, please do not sugar coat, tell us who they really are, because we can only elect them into office just once in three years. From my viewpoint, Marikina has deteriorated. Trees were cut down at Rainbow St. and the circle near St. Scholastica. The five kilometer eco-friendly walkplace at Riverbanks is reduced to 1.5. The pedestrians and bicycle riders at the bridge leading to Marquinton area are unruly. How many times were the sign Road Closed placed at Tangerine and Aquamarine streets due to flashflood. And Lilac by night has become like a district in filthy Quezon City. The roads have been repainted just recently, and not the entirety of the city. Pavements? One wonders when we get to be the ideal city again. Bike lane? Who are we kidding? Sigh. We could have soared higher in the past six years. Am looking only at my surroundings. We have to look more at what our officials are really doing.

Inside Marikina
Inside Marikina Hi Eileen. We can feel your frustration.
For one, we do not have the resumes of all of these candidates. However, you can always check their social media accounts to see what they have been up to and whats their “promise” if they get elected.
Inside Marikina is here to promote the city and not destroy its image that’s why we present the good side – well, may nakakalusot na mga bad news minsan.There are facebook groups for marikina kung saan nagbabatuhan ng putik ang mga members concerning sa mga baho ng marikina and lately, their bets on the upcoming elections. You might want to join if its ok with you na sumakit lalo ang ulo niyo smile emoticon

Eileen Leyva
Eileen LeyvaExpecting better than the good you present. Marikina looks shabby, even the traffic aides, when asked about why they do not reprimand the disobedient motorists with Ateneo stickers on their vehicles, and force a U turn after the fly over, could only sigh, it is not our duty to stop them. Asked what is their duty? To walk pedestrians to and fro. Inside Marikina, I am ranting here because I want my city to be the best it can be. We cannot deceive our citizens that everything is good when it is not. How can you promote an image when it is decaying? Please, your best is not good enough. Tell us who are these people, our own citizens who want to lead us. Do not dismiss me through social media. Surely you know that I seriously mean to know who these people are. If you want to give a good image of Marikina, tell us about its people, about its leaders. Break a leg, Inside Marikina.



Spotlight on.

Tomorrow signals the beginning of Semana Santa, when we wave our palms to welcome the Lord as He enters Jerusalem.

Yet today, I feel it is already a Black Saturday.

My daughter Tish and I meant to be attuned with the Lenten Season, as we try to do so every year. Today, we were early for a recollection at our parish church, St. Paul of the Cross. One morning, we thought, to refresh in our hearts the Passion of our Jesus, a necessary restrengthening after a long year of busyness. I have no problem with the faith, fortitude is a blessing. My upbringing in the Catholic Church was a formidable one. Still, a renewal of sorts comes in useful, to wave off temptations. More importantly, Tish is hungry for a credible theological study, an infallible standpoint or viewpoint why the church we love, the Catholic Church, is the one true church. The public schools which Tish attended fell short of defining in an intellectual or academic presentation, our being and our relationship with God. In other words, even the teachers have not read the entirety of the Bible, otherwise, they could have inculcated in their students the faith in a very satisfactory level. Anyway, that was why we were punctual, because we want to know.

Fr. Alex Balatbat of the Archdiocese of Antipolo shocked the laity, most of whom were white-haired servers from different ministries, when he opened with a statement that we would be talking about the enemy, or the devil. It was a tactical strategy, he said, because in warfare, if you do not know the enemy, you will lose.

He proceeded narrating the battle of a second lieutenant Archangel Michael, the very one who defeated the five star general of a seraphim called Lucifer, the bearer of light, and cast this evil one not into hell, but right here on earth.

That is why, he proposed, to look beside you or right behind you, the devil might be there, in the form of a good person, waiting for an opportunity to tempt you. Beware, he said, because the devil can imitate even the voice of God.

Which brings me to why I am feeling a Black Saturday today. Do not get me wrong, because Fr. Alex wrapped up the Recollection with the hope in the Eucharist and an overwhelming Mercy that was instituted and bequeathed to us in the Last Supper, after one of the apostles betrayed our Lord for thirty pieces of silver that first Maundy Thursday. Fr. Alex said he had succumbed to many temptations, too, as many priests,did. Like all of us. No such thing as a perfect human being.

And I had the sad luck of picking SPOTLIGHT, Oscar’s best picture, a film highly recommended by a friend, Denis Andrenson, that movie that revealed the atrocities of the clergy, towards poor, innocent, impressionable and lonely children. I did remember those who called themselves men of God, and they dressed in robes, and yet somehow, I know, they have abused their priesthood.

No, the molestation did not happen only in Boston, nor was it a single incident. At the tail end, I saw Manila. It was a global psychiatric phenomenon that affected the Vatican. The tally of priest molesters still has to be divulged. The more depressing thing, many of the molested did not survive. Those who did kept away from the faith.

You and I will have a long week, and perhaps you could include in your quiet moments watching Spotlight, and make an effort to pray for our erring priests. Lucifer was a seraph. Our church had been infiltrated. We are called to arms.