I enjoyed The Lone Ranger!

I had the chance to view The Lone Ranger, a Walt Disney adaptation of that classic Hi Ho, Silver Away….dananandananandananannannan, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto, and of course, like many of the characters this actor has portrayed in many of his blockbuster movies, this Tonto elicited much chuckle ] from the audience, too, making the seemingly grim, almost tragic legend of the Lone Ranger a comedy pic. It’s a PG 13, actually, and the movie includes a morbid cannibalism scene, which, of course, was graphically censored but totally implied, and yet, all seen, actually, though the eyes of a child. Hay, need I say more? The only thing I want to tell is that I am recommending this relatively unbelievable, totally magical film for all ages. You’d learn more about how the West was started, and a few things about spiritual journey, and that in the end, life does come full circle. Quite enjoyable. Bring a cloak, but not a dagger.

Oh Well…

There was so much I wanted to post here, since i’d last written my thoughts since way back when, but there was just not enough time to gather the words and just write them here.

As it is, now I am having a difficult time recollecting those that mattered, such as the preoccupation with shoal and other matters with China (including the execution of a Filipino drug mule), and the water companies squeezing the blood of the citizens by deliberately but secretly passing the payment of the the company income tax to the people, (including their travel expenses and donations to charity), SHAME on each one of them!

So, as the world spins, I put on as much effort to accomplish my tasks, even when the flesh is not willing anymore.. Thus, the flat tire when I drove right onto the stone blocks the Manila Water dug up and left unattended. I do thank my Guardian Angel for keeping me all right. Cost me a few hundreds for vulcanizing, the rubber tear was ugly. My greatest consolation, of course, is that I’m still alive! (Mommy, spare the scolding, please.) It was just a flat tire, and a very expensive tire.

I remember being surprised by the Richard Poon-Maricar Reyes nuptials, and concluding how humble must that girl muttered her prayers and begged for love, for honestly, would anyone really take her seriously after her disgusting sex video, but here’s this dashing entertainer, so genuinely in love with her, and when many women wait wanting for attention, the gentleman sealed his love for her in a storybook wedding.

So, what did I do? Okay, I was tired with the countless errands, including telling GLOBE people they are deceitful, and my local government Engineering Department complacent, that I wanted to comfort myself. I texted my daughters and said I was buying a single ticket for MAN OF STEEL. I wanted something to shoo my concerns away. The girls said okay, and so I groped to the cold theater with my chicken fillet and iced tea. But the moment Superman started, I dozed off to sleep, and woke up just in time for the credits.

It couldn’t get any worse, can it.?