I do think David Letterman is bullish about the Filipinos…and he loves us!

The Late Night Show with David Letterman, that is probably one of the good American talk shows that ever penetrated Philippine television. And in it, we see old Dave really lambasting whoever is crazy enough to make himself a laughing stock to good ol’ Dave, including George “Dubya” Bush.

There was one episode though, a long time ago, when I heard Dave complain about a toothache. And Dave was so sore because his dentist, a Filipino, had to go on his sabbatical leave, all the way back to his islands in the Far East, the Philippines. Of all times, when the toothache was unbearable…

Inevitably, the Filipinos are making their presence known, and Dave has to enumerate top ten things about the Filipinos that would never make the Filipino president of the United States. I think this dates back to as far as four years ago but here are his negations:

Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President
By David Letterman

10. The White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. There are not enough parking spaces at the White House for 2 Honda Civics, 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 3 Toyota Corollas, a Mercedes Benz, a BMW , and an MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with their fingers at State dinners.

7. There are too many dining rooms in the White House – where will they put the picture of the Last Supper?

6. The White House walls are not big enough to hold a pair of giant wooden spoon and fork

5. Secret Service staff won’t respond to psst… psst or hoy hoy hoy.

4. Secret Service staff will not be comfortable driving the presidential car with a Holy Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror, or the statue of the Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase a Karaoke music-machine for every room in the White House.

2. State dinners do not allow Take Home.


1. Air Force One does not allow overweight Balikbayan boxes!

These reasons speak so much about how Filipinos are, and others would perceive these silly or funny. But these are very Filipino, and I think Dave, no matter how silly these are to him, really thinks the Filipino is capable of any task given him.happy

When the assassin forgets he is a killer…

A bump on the head, sometimes that is all it takes for one to lose his memory… There might not be any serious cause of alarm to it, because memory gradually comes back, but not if one is an assassin.

Such is the case of Dr. Martin Harris, a biologist about to speak about the possibility of corn growth in a Berlin conference. He sets out to do his job and finds himself in the midst of the Unknown…. all because the assassin forgets he is a killer.

Starring Liam Neeson, an actor in my favorite list. Watch the Unknown, simply because you just have to know.

A meeting of the minds at the senate…

Whether the senate inquiry the other day about the Kulo exhibit at the CCP was a waste of taxpayers’ money or not, because a group claims the inquisition is in defense of Christianity alone, specifically Catholicism, what was more exciting was the seeming meeting of the minds that the invited resource persons kindly shared.

The artist in question was a no show, I could understand that. But he would not have mattered at all. For there was enough brains and intelligence in pianist Raul Sunico, chair of CCP and dean of UST College of Music, Director Abrera of the CCP board,Bishop Jose Palma, the representative of the CBCP, novelist F. Sionil Jose, from the literary world….etcetera. Senator Estrada’s usual style of unnerving the guests was overshadowed by the well educated speeches and responses of the learned, the calm and composed assessment of what had happened, and the gentle manner by which problems must be solved. Senator Escudero, speaking in the vernacular and his particular monotone trademark, though equipped with sound judgment, was diminished by the splendid rhetoric of the distinguished guests.

By way of summation, one resource person implied that art, by and large, depicts what the people are, and perhaps it is fitting to take a look at ourselves now, beginning with the inquisitors, and see if we like what we perceive….

Inside the coliseum, it was a festival of drum beating and cheering!

I had to accompany my daughter to watch a basketball game at the Araneta Coliseum. It was a requirement for her PE class. I was apprehensive at first because we were suppose to join the cheering squad at the General Admission, and I had never ever bought tickets for general admission. I would always secure a seat for myself somewhere in the lower box or ringside. Not that I am a coliseum goer, in fact, I could count by my fingers the number of times I queued the ticket booths….

But I was there, perched on the topmost cemented seats, the bleachers, with the loudest of bass drums beating and the snares rolling… The cheerleaders were dancing, shouting… and one of the teams even had trumpets and horns calling… The coliseum was alive with college students deep serious in cheering for the game, and I was so amused at how synchronized they move and play that I forgot to watch the basketball games….

If only the parents know that there is an alternative to their kids’ boredom like cheerleading, then there would not be other adolescent woes.

I recommend it, attending games, I mean, after all, when the beating of the drums echoes the beating of the hearts of the children, there’s a life about to be when tomorrow comes. (Les Miserables)

On Making It Different

Jean wrote another song, this time for a contest. Here it is.


Captain America

Is it timely, that Captain America should come out now, when Washington DC and its House of Congress are all sleepless and jittery about what may be the outcome of their critical decisions for the country? Is he out to save the day? I do hope so!

Well, my daughter and I had a good viewing of Marvel’s series of Comic Heroes alive in the movies.  After Thor, the god of Thunder, the limelight  is now focused on GI Joe wannabe Steve Rogers transformed into the hunky and heroic Captain America. The story line is updated to conform to the new age, and hence we will have the shield protected red, white and blue hero  brushing elbows with the super heroes of the new millenium: Iron Man, Wolverine,  Hulk, Thor, and yes, that arachnid called Spiderman!  The scriptwriters had truly done well, making the children of the new generation, believe in the idealism of their parents and grandparents – the American Dream – arguably prosperity and peace – all while being entertained by the silver screen.

Captain America brings us back to the gripping unrest of World War II, when patriotism and valor is held in the heart, when life and love would have to take a hold for the greater good. For what does it give a man if he does not offer his self to the country and to the rest of human kind?

That is Captain America, one selfless American, disposable when necessary, for he would sacrifice his own for the benefit of many! Which ordinary constituents might like to consider come election day again, would your representative take a grenade so that others might be saved.

Chris Evans is a revelation, and I might as well comment on him now. I had known him to be a fine actor, believable in his early movie entitled Cellular and totally adorable when he essayed Johhny’s role in Fantastic Four.  But with Captain America, he had established his self as one good actor with no trick, no gimmick, just pure talent and intelligence.

Would Captain America save the day?

He would.

More than the super hero, Captain America is already instilled in the hearts of the people. That is what Captain America’s pygmalion pointed at as he was about to breathe his last. Surely, that heart will throb again….