I Do Believe President Aquino’s Speech is the Finest I Have Heard in a SONA!

The SONA was awaited with much ado and much glamour. Fashion aside, the decorum at the Congress Hall was one for the books, except for Edcel Lagman who was caught on cam pouting like a spoiled kid. The Senate President was civil and courteous, granted that he never hid his criticism for the incumbent president of the land.

But President Aquino was president and he knew that. So he acted very presidential, congenial both to allies and foes, shaking hands and offering smiles. That is what makes a gentleman.

The atmosphere was probably necessary, but the President’s focus was on his message. He knew it was his chance to talk to the people because they would be listening this time. After all, it was the State of the Nation that he was going to elaborate on.

So he talked in the national language: Tagalog! He didn’t care if there were diplomats and aliens right in front of him. The translators could do their job translating for these guys. But his message was for every Juan de la Cruz who was hoping to hear that somehow, what he was going to say could alleviate their plight.

And so President Aquino delivered the finest speech I ever heard. He talked about my concerns: the roads, the water supply, the electricity, the jobs, the transportation and the weather. In the course of laying down the foundation of good governance, he was honest enough to say that he was taking the fight against corruption personally. And that those who possess the wang=wang(siren) mentality would have their day in court.

President Aquino also said that the time to defend the land has come. Leave to the Filipinos what is rightfully ours.

President Aquino commanded his people to take pride in this race, literally telling each one to stop the negative remarks about our own, and begin a culture of appreciating what is good and beautiful. And by way of example, he expressed gratitude to his own teacher. Then he taught us that which our parents and elders had always reared us to do: say Thank You!

President Aquino stood for one hour jesting in a typical Pinoy parlance. There was sarcasm and irony in his words. And those who are guilty better squirm in their seats. But to the fishermen, the farmers, the mechanics, the vendors, the jeepney drivers, the teachers, the ordinary students, there is hope.

President Benigno Aquino III

I admit that the day after President Cory Aquino was interred and news flashed streamers endorsing her only son for candidacy as president of the land, I thought: What is going on? But it only took me about a full minute to agree, realizing here is one person who didn’t seek the post but is probably what the country need most. For one, he is a bachelor. For another, he has been a congressman and a senator. I wasn’t sure which one carries more weight but one thing is for sure, he was going to be a gamechanger.

I didn’t have a candidate. I was not casting my lot for the Cheeze nor the Dicko, and definitely not the Gibs nor the money machine garbage man. I was in absolute dilemma whilst grieving for the mother, when it dawned on me that she had prepared every bit of her son for the job. As we say in an old Philippine proverb: Kung ano ang puno, siya ring bunga.

I kept mum about my thoughts. The campaign was loud enough besmirching candidates, more often hitting below the belt than tackling issues of importance to the people.

One year into the presidency, President Aguino has emerged a real president, undaunted and focused, assuring the people that help is on the way, and it will not take much time anymore before we see the dawning of a new Philippines.

After presidents who betrayed the people, alas, here is one who, like his father and mother before him, will accept the supreme sacrifice for the people.

My political views had been a roller coaster of feelings, and I did take pride in saying that all the presidents I voted for lost, even Cory! I almost lost hope that the Philippines could ever rise from the pit, for even when Cory was given power via the phenomenal People Power Revolution of 1986, the appendages of evil was strangling each and every attempt to restore decency in the land. I would have succumbed to the next life without seeing the bright of day… until Noynoy swore his oath of office.

I was quiet the past year, watching, observing, sometimes criticizing the President for his lack of resolve to win the right girl for him, or for sporting a segunda mano Porsche, but now that he had reported to the people what his administration had been administering these past twelve months, I can only applaud and perhaps allow a tear or two to roll by. My daughters will not experience anymore the struggles that I went through, and the Filipino people would no longer shrink in shame.

Thanks Mr. President, happy to be your boss!


My Jean during her composing moment…

I didn’t know my Jean would write songs, but she did compose one for her college graduation, and now she wrote a perky tune for our high school alma mater.  Here she is, recording her composition for her batchmates…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntRmjRsnyDg&NR=1


St Scholastica’s Academy celebrated its 50th year of Benedictine education in the hills of Marikina last weekend. The alumnae, graduates from 1967 till 2011, together with the nuns and the teachers, had one huge riot called Kulasa Got Talent, and there was not such a grander way of giving thanks as that of paying back by helping others, too. The proceeds will further help deprived young girls so they could receive the Ora et Labora discipline. To all the Scholasticans, glad to be called Kulasa with you! 🙂

Kulasa Ako

Here’s my daughter’s SSAM Batch 2007, practicing for the SSAM@50 Kulasa Got Talent.


Here’s the lyrics and the music.


Khatchaturian Toccata


Thanks from Tish


The Philippine National Anthem


Prelude & Fugue in D minor, Sonata quasi una fantasia



First Nocturne


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