My girls are home.

All of a sudden, my girls are home.
I was caught unaware by the velocity of time, because the homecoming actually reminded me of how my little family was two decades earlier.
It was just like before, when we hit the bed and play poker. This time around, we have a rec room, or the dining room turned into one. And we cared not about other stuff till the wee hours of the morning. Deja vu.

Tish has earned her doctor’s degree and Jean has written journals. I am the only one, I suppose, who is stuck with the home. No complaining. If at all, I am enjoying the sweetness of it all.

My snowflakes.

The event I look forward to this time of the year is my wordpress snowflakes. I am delighted with the scene on my page. Makes me feel the Christmas warmth yet to come, and I wish for my miracle.

Advent is a time of waiting. It is also a time of soul searching for me. The girls are bonafide professionals, serving the country and the people the best ways they know.

I am left home with my melancholic meditations. The garden is therapy for me, especially when the flowers bloom and the butterflies come to kiss.

But lest I become a bonafide recluse, my daughters bring me out to eat, or in this picture, to watch a musical. I love drama. If I wasn’t a teacher then, perhaps I’d been a playwright. Wow. That was then. Not now.

What to write in my own Bucket List…

Some people I know have crossed out items in their Bucket Lists, and are down to just a few items more, and yet I have to write mine.

I have learned about the Bucket List sometime ago, when I noticed a friend on facebook forever adding places to visit in her own Bucket List. And it seemed to me her list will have no ending, for there is as much more exciting place some corner of this earth that will be good to visit.

Anyway, after a few attempts to watch the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman starred movie entitled The Bucket List, I finally got to finish the movie today. And what a heart opening movie it is.

The story revolves around two  completely different strangers who went to see the world, instead of lying down in the hospital for treatments of their terminal illnesses. in the process of living out the adventures of their lifetime, they get to fulfill their simple but very meaningful wishes in the Bucket List.

The Bucket List is actually a list of things one desires to fulfill while one awaits death.

But why wait when one is ill or old? We can make our Bucket Lists early on, and see if we could cross out some of the items we have done.

Mine is difficult to make, because I still have to search my heart about my dearest desires. But here’s a start. (for editing later, pending more wishes) Not necessarily in the order of importance.

  1. Watch people sip coffee while reading books in my own library.
  2. Sign an autograph on any of my blogs.
  3. Ride a jet. (Far flung)
  4. Adopt a child.
  5. See the Northern Lights.
  6. Walk the slopes of Ireland and dance in a tavern.
  7. Take care of my own grandchildren.
  8. Read the Bible cover to cover, one more time.
  9. Find a best friend.
  10. Embrace my family who lives in Los Angeles.

Thank You, Anthony Bourdain.

Here’s a blog about us, Filipinos, which we must all read, for this simple article talks about our innate selflessness, endurance, and generosity, three qualities that make us distinct as a people.

Anthony Bourdain, you are now my current best friend.


On a fox news post about USS Bataan in NY.

Eileen Leyva USS BATAAN. An amphibious assault ship? A commando carrier? Supposedly to remember those who perished in the Fall of Bataan, or the Philippines’ Araw ng Kagitingan, or Day of Valor, 9 April 1942? Hmmmm.

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Joann Young

Joann Young What the hell is your problem! Get screwed by a sailor??


Barbara Zborovan

Barbara Zborovan Theres always one (if not more) idiot in the bunch.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Joann Young , you are very malicious.

Josh Schmitz

Josh Schmitz I’ve ridden on the USS Bataan and as a former sailor i think i speak for all of the Navy when i say your time would be best spent in the kitchen away from the keyboard.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Josh Schmitz Exactly what do you mean? Have you, by any chance, anchored in Bataan waters?


Andrew Longo

Andrew Longo Vanessa Spa Clinton sex lies


Joann Young

Joann Young Eileen Leyva… Don’t denigrate our United States Navy. Read a history book once in awhile. Get some respect! They fought for your right to be a bitch👿

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Scott Hinton

Scott Hinton Eileen Leyva instead of a “mysterious” statement why don’t you give some “detail” on your disagreement? It obviously sounds “personal” and maybe some are genuinely curious as to your reaction. Baatan was indeed a horrendous time in our history, I would agree with that, but I don’t think naming a ship & what it’s ability is has any correlation with disrespecting that time in history.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Joann Young I never did denigrate the US Navy. But you are the one quick to denigrate our women. And I know the history of my people, and how we covered for you, and died for you, in a war you brought to our islands, in a war that was never ours. And you are one ungrateful American. Yet, there are many Americans here, and they are respectable people, and they love my country and my people. Suffice it to say you are the one misleading your self. Read history, it might help you before you begin issues here. And for your information, I have a USS WASP poster in my home, in honor of my uncle who served in the US NAVY, and suffered.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Scott Hinton, I was not in any way being mysterious. Just surprised. The Death March was one grim tale, but from that was born the Filipino-American tandem, and our people did our best to help the American soldiers, as we still do now. I love America, and for me, America is still the best hope for peace and freedom. I was not criticizing in any way, just surprised there is an assault ship called USS BATAAN. I stand in memory of those who died in the Fall of Bataan.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Andrew Longo that is a fallacy.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Barbara Zborovan surely you are referring to your self, else you would not have written that without thinking. Calling people idiots, even if they are, shows only how one lacks character. Sigh.

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Rosemary Palulis

Rosemary Palulis Xhoni Fiest get your garbage off here


Robbo Malakas

Robbo Malakas Good grief.


Amy Williams

Amy Williams That is right USS BATAAN. In honor of the men who fought on the peninsula. They have also honored survivors of the death march. USS means United States Ship. So you don’t get a say and the filipinos would be nothing with out the U.S. naval base. Why do you think so many join the U.S. Navy??? You don’t see a lot of Americans joining the filipinos Navy if you even have one. Oh and we didn’t bring the war the japanese did but if we hadn’t fought there would be no Philippines today you would be an extension of japan. The U.S. Navy is the greatest in the world and what we name our ships is none of your business.

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Andrew Kinner

Andrew Kinner Can someone explain to me what this woman’s point is

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Amy Williams one more American who failed to understand history. FYI, General Douglas MacArthur left, retreated from the islands. The Filipinos came to aid the dying Americans. The bombing at Pearl Harbor showed a US Navy devastated, and that was a war of the Allied Forces versus the Axis Powers. America came to our shores in 1898, wanting to colonize us. That was why the war extended to our islands. But of course, there is also the fact that Japan wanted to have dominion over the world. Read history, Amy. The Filipinos have been a kind people, and you condescend us. What does that make you, as an American.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Andrew Kinner Use your grey cells. It’s not that difficult to understand. Simple, actually.


Andrew Kinner

Andrew Kinner You just seem pissed off for no good reason

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Amy Williams

Amy Williams You said war not colonization. Try using your own grey cells. Please not all filipinos are kind then or now. Do you honestly think America wouldn’t have survived with out the Philippines??? Hahahaha the japanese wanted the Philippines because it was one more part of the Pacific. If we had not been there they would have taken it easily. Oh and FYI Americans came to the aid of dying filipinos as well.

She seems to be trying to say America owes the the Philippines and I think she may be trying to say we would have lost WWII w/o them. She is also insinuating we shouldn’t have named the Bataan the Bataan because it is in the Philippines.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Andrew Kinner You write without thinking. That reason enough? I do not like nonsense.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Amy Williams MacArthur left his men, but I will not criticize this great general, for he came back for his men in 1945. The fact remains your soldiers were aided by the Filipinos you condescend. You are nothing like your general, and the great AmericanSee More


Dennis D'Antonio

Dennis D’Antonio Don’t listen to Eileen she is just a bobo. The philippines is a third world country because of their corruption. They multiply like rabbits, believe in so many superstitions, think credit cards are free money, and watch stupid primetime telenovelas because their lives are miserable. I would know because i’m half filipino the country is a joke. They wanted independence then but now they all want to come to the US and bring their families here. Makes sense! like emoticon

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Dennis D’Antonio the dumb gets dumber. Shoo. Don’t ever call yourself a Filipino.


Bob Cathy Villa

Bob Cathy Villa As the wife of a former LHA sailor (USS Peleliu) and the relative of a survivor of the Bataan Death March (Now deceased thankfully die to old age) state WTF your problem is or STHU!!!

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Bob Cathy Villa do not justify your curse with the sacrifice of your loved ones. It will backfire on you. Think.


Harold Woeller

Harold Woeller Now that’s what I call a real assault weapon.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Harold Woeller sorry. It was called for. Didn’t expect I would receive a barrage of arrogance. And i loved America. Sigh.


Andrew Kinner

Andrew Kinner She’s preaching for everyone to think but she’s the only one not thinking

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Andrew Kinner I know my history, and I know about the special friendship of the Philippines with America, I just do not want your people to belittle my country, because so far, some of your people did, without thinking. So I told them to think. Belittling others shows bad character. I just advised them to rise above the non-sense remarks and arrogance and initiate comments worth responding to. If you care to check, there are some who did understand. I hope you see it.


Janice Mottes Mascia

Janice Mottes Mascia Eileen Leyva and you are very ignorant. You made no sense and disparaged Americans who lost their lives

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Janice Mottes Mascia I never did that. Read the thread, you might learn a thing or two about your own people. Ignorance becomes the ones who comment without reading.


Janice Mottes Mascia

Janice Mottes Mascia Eileen Leyva Americans didn’t bring a war to “your” islands Japan did so don’t disparage the Navy for naming a ship to honor all those that died bravely on that Island. That is what a name of a ship means. Honor.

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Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Janice Mottes Mascia read and understand.


Andrew Kinner

Andrew Kinner I don’t understand how naming a ship after an event that was tragic for both of us is belittling.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Andrew Kinner That is not so. The name of the ship BATAAN was a surprise to me. I didn’t mean to insinuate anything. It is the navy’s prerogative to name their ship whatever name they want. I was just surprised it was called BATAAN. Some of your people chose to believe otherwise and started insulting my person. and my people. I have to defend my self, and my country, from the fallacies. I do not like people belittling others. The retaliation is necessary.. Am sure you’d do the same for your people. I stand by America’s ideals. (except your current politics which appears bizarre to me – but this is another story)


William A Smith

William A Smith Im confused Ellen Leyva. I don’t understand your Hmmmm. Or the correlation. Please educate me.


William A Smith

William A Smith Eileen Leyva I did not read this before my previous post regarding your original post. Personal attacks help no one and those who participate should wake up.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva William A Smith I take that as a sound advice. Hope others would also. Truth be told, I watched the show of naval force @ New York, and was really amazed. And for another, my mother worked with admirals and commodores at the Naval Supply Depot in Subic Bay, so I am America’s cheerleader in this islands. Some of my people are not though. Sorry.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva William A Smith I was wondering, when I wrote the Hmmm…, and was thinking about your soldiers who trekked the Death March, honestly. I was sort of reconciling the Fall of Bataan and the assault vessel, and later came to a conclusion that it was to honor the fallen soldiers and to show the world the necessary force, so that no one will mess around with peace and freedom.

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Sandy Reed

Sandy Reed What is wrong with naming the ship BATAAN?


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Sandy Reed who says there’s something wrong? Interesting perhaps, but not wrong.


Abel Gonzalez

Abel Gonzalez Eileen Leyva yo could have clarified you comment a lot sooner.


Eileen Leyva

Eileen Leyva Abel Gonzalez sorry. The initial comment was daunting, an attack on my person. I had to reserve my ammunition. (joke).


Amy Williams

Amy Williams She is trying to walk back her initial comment.


Gary Williams

Gary Williams Most of you do not understand English. I read what Ms. Leyva wrote. Not once did I read anything that disrepected the squids. Many of you are looking to be butthurt.


Ann Singer Russell

Ann Singer Russell SIGH ~This “person” you are all bantering with makes me go “hmmm”….. it appears to be the most commentary she’s posted in quite some time and interestingly, I think, purposely provoking….albeit an easy provoke. But it’s my opinion and to each their own. All I can say is that I think it’s AWESOME that those who served at BATAAN are remembered & honored in such a powerful way.


Eileen Leyva
Eileen Leyva Gary Williams Thank you very much. If only you know how tremendous a relief your comment rendered me. I was caught in a whirlwind of condescencion, when all I was wanting to convey was I was glad and proud a United States ship bears the name of a quaint and rustic province from my country. What happened in Bataan was something we commemorate every year as our Day of Valor. Filipinos and Americans stood there side by side, the last stand against the enemy, Imperial Japan. We Filipinos believe in the sacredness of the Blood Compact, and as the American soldiers and Filipinos hand in hand stood their ground, blood and sweat fused, friendship was sealed forever. I know I should not have been surprised, but that was happened, I was surprised, but truly I am proud that USS BATAAN sails the seven seas, in honor of those courageous Americans and Filipinos, to tell the world that there would always be gallant force, ready to offer their very lives for the peace and principles humanity holds dear. Blessings to you, Gary, may the Supreme Creator hold you safe in the Palm of His Hands.

Post Election Blues

It is with a sad heart that I listened to the news this morning. I kept away from the counting, deeming it wise not to subject myself to cardiac distress that minute by minute tallying brings. My daughter, when asked later in the night, who is winning?, gave a Digong-Bongbong response.

I sighed! And thought: where did the ‘never again’ go? Initially, blame game comes to mind: Your fault, silent majority, for keeping quiet when your voice was needed most. Our youth needed the stories and our guidance, and you chose to be mum.

But what’s the use for blame game, everything happens for a reason. So I consoled my fears with the Vox Populi Vox Dei. Perhaps it is God’s will.

Yet my heart cries out “My God, why have you abandoned us!” And yet again. Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu

In trying to make sense of the election result, I thought about the millennials, for theirs comprise the loudest vote. Hmpf, I said, you will get what you asked for. Just you wait and see.

Sour graping, that’s me.

But I went on thinking, these juvenile are the privileged ones. They grew up with Toy Story. Their lives are privileged. All they have to do is to educate themselves and live a wonderful life. What could have gone wrong?

Then I thought, the millennials grew up with the Lion King, too. And Harry Potter. And Hunger Games. Perhaps there is a craving for a Good versus Evil thing. And perhaps, too, these millennials secretly believe they are mutants and can mutate their super powers fit for a political scenario much like George Orwell’s 1984. And yes, Hunger Games.

I am scared about where my thoughts bring me, and I do not wish that for my country.

Tuned in to television news. WOW, Leni Robredo has gained lead in the Vice-Presidency race. I whispered, “God, what are you telling us? Six years of punishment for complacency? But for hope and decency, You give us Leni? Please keep her safe.”

Oh well, something wicked this way comes. I can sense a dark tide threatening the peace and calm we have enjoyed briefly. As in fiction, we must gear up for the battle. It is global in nature, actually. On the other side of the Pacific, evil’s trumping its way, too.

I am no hypocrite, and am not like politicians who swiftly pledge their support for whosoever is in power. I will be sullen for the next few years, for I cannot profess acceptance of someone who does not reflect the principles I hold dear.

I rest my thoughts with a comforting stanza from Longfellow’s Psalm of Life:

Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

I care about my city.

I exchanged a few words with Inside Marikina, a blog that showcases the good in my city. I responded to this post –

Eileen Leyva Please furnish us with the resumes of these names, and the corresponding projects they have done. Their names are not enough for us to know who they are and what they have done. Inside Marikina, please do not sugar coat, tell us who they really are, because we can only elect them into office just once in three years. From my viewpoint, Marikina has deteriorated. Trees were cut down at Rainbow St. and the circle near St. Scholastica. The five kilometer eco-friendly walkplace at Riverbanks is reduced to 1.5. The pedestrians and bicycle riders at the bridge leading to Marquinton area are unruly. How many times were the sign Road Closed placed at Tangerine and Aquamarine streets due to flashflood. And Lilac by night has become like a district in filthy Quezon City. The roads have been repainted just recently, and not the entirety of the city. Pavements? One wonders when we get to be the ideal city again. Bike lane? Who are we kidding? Sigh. We could have soared higher in the past six years. Am looking only at my surroundings. We have to look more at what our officials are really doing.

Inside Marikina
Inside Marikina Hi Eileen. We can feel your frustration.
For one, we do not have the resumes of all of these candidates. However, you can always check their social media accounts to see what they have been up to and whats their “promise” if they get elected.
Inside Marikina is here to promote the city and not destroy its image that’s why we present the good side – well, may nakakalusot na mga bad news minsan.There are facebook groups for marikina kung saan nagbabatuhan ng putik ang mga members concerning sa mga baho ng marikina and lately, their bets on the upcoming elections. You might want to join if its ok with you na sumakit lalo ang ulo niyo smile emoticon

Eileen Leyva
Eileen LeyvaExpecting better than the good you present. Marikina looks shabby, even the traffic aides, when asked about why they do not reprimand the disobedient motorists with Ateneo stickers on their vehicles, and force a U turn after the fly over, could only sigh, it is not our duty to stop them. Asked what is their duty? To walk pedestrians to and fro. Inside Marikina, I am ranting here because I want my city to be the best it can be. We cannot deceive our citizens that everything is good when it is not. How can you promote an image when it is decaying? Please, your best is not good enough. Tell us who are these people, our own citizens who want to lead us. Do not dismiss me through social media. Surely you know that I seriously mean to know who these people are. If you want to give a good image of Marikina, tell us about its people, about its leaders. Break a leg, Inside Marikina.



For Mar Roxas

Your current campaign add is a no nonsense, straightforward statement, a promise every Filipino can sleep soundly to for the next six years.

To Grace Poe, this candidate is not acting. He is a natural.
To Nognog, this candidate is rich. He is honest, too. He does not steal.
To Miriam, this candidate is brilliant. He mutters his thoughts in a language people understand.
To Duterte, this man is not a killer. In fact, he has a death wish. He wants to be President.

Mar Roxas, you have my vote.
Relax a little. My educated friends, most of whom are not as expressive as I am, will cast their votes for you, too. And here’s what’s more important, even the lowly folks can now see and understand your sincerity. I talk to them. They like you.

Okay, go on with the campaign. Leave no stone unturned. Go to the barrios. To Batanes. The farmer folks and the fisher folks would love to meet the man who would be their president. You would bring a smile on their faces. Clasp their hands. That would make them happy.

And about time you bring along Korina. And your son. We need to see a beautiful Filipino family.

With Prancer, my favorite reindeer.

What Bucket List?

I call my sister every dawn, Manila time. That is sometime in the afternoon, I suppose, LA time. We talk about this and that, mostly about our family, the every day thing.

This morning though, she told me that the cross stitch she worked on after our Mommy passed away was in her Bucket List. Although I have an idea that the list is supposed to be about the things that one likes to do, or as one friend puts it on facebook, about the places one wants to visit, I really have no idea why it is called a Bucket List.

So, Google shows me Bucket List is a Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie, the two on my long list of credible actors. Why did I miss this 2007 movie? I don’t know. In 2007, if I remember right, was the last time I saw and hugged my parents. It was also the year my Jean graduated from High School, the year she entered college, and the year the termites crept inside my ceiling.

Just the same, I took a sneak preview of Bucket List. I have not found a complete copy of the movie.

It is sad, I suppose. And it is about people dying, whatever the cause is, and these people are undergoing some sort of introspection about their lives. And these people are left with some wishes they would like to do, with the little time left for them to live.

I am not qualified yet to write my Bucket List. I am not dying yet. But this sure makes me meditate about some things I have probably not done. Oh no, I do not have a grand ambition of walking the Great Wall. nor get myself in a predicament of how to get down from the tip top of the Great Pyramids, lest one gets stuck in the tomb forever, but this sure gets me thinking, what are the things I still want to do at this point in my life.

Good advice, Ate Grace. I will come up with a long one, I think. Somewhere on top of that list is to visit you guys. For there is nothing like family.



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