On Ninoy Aquino, a comment.

I was so impressed with the genius and the courage of this man. He also has the gift of gab that magnetized people to come and listen to him. I was so sad for his life cut short, and sort of grieved we would not have the pleasure of listening to his ideas. his thoughts, his musings. All of a sudden, though with much prodding, his wife took over,. and ran a nation with the way she knew best: attend to the family’s needs. Little did she know that she was preparing her own son to a job his father has inadvertently loaded on his shoulders. I was shocked. or rather surprised by the brilliance of the son, his father’s legacy personified in his statesmanship. and ran the nation with utmost moral ascendancy and genius absolutely befitting to be the hero’s son. Thank you, Ninoy. for the supreme sacrifice. You gave us not only your life, but your family as well. It has brought the country to greater heights. But to Noynoy, is it too much to ask that you assist Leni. We need a leader like your father and mother again. We need you.

For Mar Roxas

Your current campaign add is a no nonsense, straightforward statement, a promise every Filipino can sleep soundly to for the next six years.

To Grace Poe, this candidate is not acting. He is a natural.
To Nognog, this candidate is rich. He is honest, too. He does not steal.
To Miriam, this candidate is brilliant. He mutters his thoughts in a language people understand.
To Duterte, this man is not a killer. In fact, he has a death wish. He wants to be President.

Mar Roxas, you have my vote.
Relax a little. My educated friends, most of whom are not as expressive as I am, will cast their votes for you, too. And here’s what’s more important, even the lowly folks can now see and understand your sincerity. I talk to them. They like you.

Okay, go on with the campaign. Leave no stone unturned. Go to the barrios. To Batanes. The farmer folks and the fisher folks would love to meet the man who would be their president. You would bring a smile on their faces. Clasp their hands. That would make them happy.

And about time you bring along Korina. And your son. We need to see a beautiful Filipino family.