Bridged by love of singing…

My daughters and my niece love to sing, especially when they are most tested by the intense academic work and projects. You’d find them huddled in a nook, blending voices, their way of relaxing. My niece, though, had to migrate to America, with my sister, to care for my Mommy who is old now and ailing. Still, the three girls would find snippets of time from their hectic schedules to record songs, and the following song, raw and unrefined, is lovingly dedicated to my Mom.

Hope you guys like the effort, ha ha.


My Lola’s Feast Day Today.

They say that a saint’s feast day is commemorated on the saint’s death day.

There is one person in my life I call a saint, and that would be my grandmother, Lola Naty.

Today is the feast day of my grandmother, Lola Naty, she died thirty-two years ago. and left behind seven children and some twenty-six grandchildren. It feels good to remember this old lady, who, when my siblings and I were little, quietly prepared our breakfasts, taught us to pray the Angelus and the Rosary wholeheartedly every night, shielded us with her calm resolve from the violent storms, and brought us to hilarious failed picnics, swim pools, downtown movies with treats either at the panciteria or batchoy @ Skorpios, and the annual Acies (the renewing of pledge to the Blessed Mother).

Lola, as we called her, accent on the second syllable, was a partner in crime, for she translated my homework in Spanish, making my teacher believe I was proficient in the language, till he asked me to recite in class and discovered the only conversation I could carry is Si Senyor, perdona me, pero no mas intiende. I think the only thing that saved me and gave me a good grade was my singing of Dios Te Salve Maria, which of course, was our growing up Santakrusan song every merry month of May. LOL.

Will light up a candle and lay some flowers, on Lola Naty’s grave at Loyola later today. Hoping that her children and grandchildren, wherever they may be, would remember this courageous lady who endured, with certainty, many of the harshest trials in life. ♥

Writing, or blogging, saved me!

Of course, many of us had childhood dreams that never came true. Mine were simple dreams, and yet, those dreams remained dreams, and wishful thinking that one day, some of those dreams come true, late as it may seem.

Am not disheartened though by what had come my way, sidetracked a bit, but got back to the trail just in time…

I think that writing saved me, or what this modern day tekie thing they call blogging on the internet.

I love writing my thoughts, I suppose, but my personal journals got lost in the byroads, too. Am alive still, and what constitutes my day is if I can impart something, some thought, or idea, to someone, be that person a friend, or family, or an alien, so long as I was able to help a bit, when he or she reads what I wrote. It came as an afterthought, that in wanting to help others, I saved myself, too.

Deliver Us!

My daughter Tish had gone on to join the St. Luke’s College of Medicine Chorale. Remember? She loves to sing!

Recently, the SCLM Chorale cupped the first place honors in the MedRhythmia competitions, an inter med school chorale singing contest participated in by the best med schools in the country. It was held 10 February @ the Aliw Theater, CCP Complex.

Here’s the winning performance:

Just to say, the chorale started learning the two songs, the other was the contest piece “All I Ask of You,” from the Phantom of the Opera, and “Deliver Us” is from The Prince of Egypt, with touches of Maranao sentiments, as required in the competition, just a fortnight before the competition. The members did burn the midnight oil, and I, forever waiting for my Tish, right outside the school grounds, watching the deprived children play peekaboo round my Buzz.  🙂 The honors was worth all the wait. Yehey!

My Fearless Forecast

Wrote this on facebook and mylot four days ago…

My Fearless Forecast, on this rainy February day: Cardinal Chito Tagle will be Pope. Why? It’s obvious., actually. It is the handiwork of the Blessed Mother. Remember when the Philippines succumbed to the dark ages under Martial Rule, and the Filipinos gradually and quietly sought refuge in foreign lands, not just to deliver themselves from the scourges of evil men, but also to earn income for the loved ones they left behind?, well, that set the migration of this piously catholic brown blood, and into the homes of other races where they served as domestic helpers, or in the hospitals where they nursed the sick and the aged, or in the boats where with the weight of the freight on their shoulders made them call on the Lord for strength, they prayed. The Filipinos evangelized the world through the oracion, the rosary, the three o’clock habit (the hour of Divine Mercy), the countless novenas (as devoutly as they could , to their favorite saints), and the Sunday Masses (their day off). The world, amidst all the sham that we witness today, is ready to fight for good, because the Filipinos had prepared for battle. Now all we need is our leader.

Here’s a yahoo link, where news has it that this bus boy (meaning he took the bus from Cavite, when summoned in Manila for a Bishops’ Conclave, and chatted with the people, believes that humanity’s deliverance comes when we humble ourselves and pray. It’s people power. Vox populi vox Dei, or simply, the voice of the people is the voice of God.…

Back to the site where I started…

February 2012  had been a long time, and it is only today that I’d decided to log in on wordpress again. There is no issue here at all, I was just busy with facebook and mylot, those sites can really take so much of my spare time spent on the internet. But wordpress, this is my personal blog, entirely my own, and just about where I divulge my secrets, my life, and all. This is where I started, where I am up close and personal. Glad to be back.