Unexpected Angel Online

Sigh! I have to check myself. My mom is in the worst of condition, and I could’t care for her. She’s an ocean away. And I stay tuned to whatever progress, or the lack of it, via internet.  Good thing there is this stuff, albeit the waiting could also be painstaking. Nevertheless, I stay online, and become miserable by the minute…

Until a High School mate suddenly greeted me “Good Morning!” I was surprised, for I was real depressed and agonizing and I thought I couldn’t communicate sanely with anyone. But she asked how am I?, and I, who always says my true state of being, simply answered how bad I feel… And unexpectedly, she gave me some of the most beautiful words of encouragement I needed. And some sound advice also on how to be realistic…

And of course, for a brief moment, I pondered on how I must not allow my Mom’s helplessness and my own melancholy get the better of our situation.

My classmate continued:

“There’s nothing that’s too much for you if you’re trusting God. You can handle whatever comes your way because God promises that He’ll never put more on us than we can bear and deal with.

Said that was the quote she reminds herself with everyday, as it was posted on her desk. Made me pause and reflect really, for I always contend that I love God. And that love must be premised with trust, or it will not be love at all.

So, I did thank my classmate of long ago, and now my new online friend. She replied”

“Always here for you, anytime. Dinner tonite is chicken soup and pot roast with veggies. Kain na tayo. They say God brings people unexpectedly in our lives as His instruments, ako kaya yun ngayon? I am honored to be able to deliver His message and hopefully lighten your load. O ayan, maybe I will be lucky to be mentioned in ur blog as the “unexpected messenger.” lol Keep smiling!”

Ha ha, I am smiling still as I write this blog. Thanks, Edelyn, you are my unexpected angel online, bringer of good feelings.

Why People Are Lonely On Valentine’s Day

Okay, I am not going to discuss here emotions lovers typically exude on this Day of Hearts. I just want to put on record the thoughts that transpired in my mind when I attended the Mass this day. Here is:

Curious that Fr. Mike at the UP Church would discuss, on Valentine’s Day, the alone-ness and loneliness of our Lord Jesus, or was it intentional? He said that it was poignant that Jesus recognized, in His human nature, the depths of sadness even if He was in the company of His disciples. Why? Because none of those with Him had conceived the level of His spirituality, and therefore did not understand Him.
Thus, we who find ourselves lonely, too, must have, in our attempt to be like Christ, reached a certain level of spirituality that others do not understand. So, for all the lonely people, just think that Jesus did feel lonely first.

Hollywood Comes To My Hometown

Fanatic? Nope, that’s not me. That’s my daughter, Jean, who had pestered me this past month to bring her to the location shootings of Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weiss, and Ed Norton. All the actors are favorites, my daughter contends, so why not give it a go? She gives me a look I do not like to see. Hmpf! Still, I am the parent, and the reluctant driver. Sorry, but the Navotas fishpond nor the corner of Quirino and Taft are not exactly places I’d like to see.

Then she argues in desperation: Ma, you blogged about inviting Bourne to come shoot in the Philippines, now they’re here, you wouldn’t like to watch? That didn’t work. I wouldn’t want to squeeze crazy in a crowd, not even if the Bourne series had been tops on my action faves.

But then when passed this morning at my usual route, there was the Bourne Legacy crew, preparing for a road scene. And our local jeeps, cleaned and polished, were all queued for some fast speed scene. And I got excited, and when I extended my neck, there was Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weiss, and they looked good despite the heat.  I instantly became a crazy fan and waved, ha ha!

My daughter almost went ballistic when I told her about it. Sorry, Jean, eat your heart out! 🙂

Ronald Santiago, from OFW to security guard, a story of endurance and faith!

He was the graveyard shift at the UP Institute of Biology, so my sister Grace and I, and my daughter, asked him if there are ghosts in the buildings. We were up early because my daughter had to make some ID of her moths and butterflies. Of course, the security guard said, I just had an encounter with him, for I am new here. His name was Ronald Santiago. And his brush with the spirit did not recur again because he supposedly talked with the spirit and said that he is the new guard, and he is only securing the premises.

That brought the goosebumps, and more stories about this young, talkative guard whose duty is to keep the students safe.

Well, he was once an OFW in the Middle East. Worked as a welder in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. The past year 2011 was, as the news featured, the fall of dictatorships in these countries, and Ronald was one of those migrant workers displaced by the civil strife. At first, he was willing to stay and endure the chaos, for there was a job there that would give him pay, as compared to none at all back home, for he has not enough education in his bio data. At 32, he had finished sending his siblings to school, unfortunately though, they all married right away and has still been dependent on him.

He would have stayed, and had actually been residing with two Libyan women who sought his help. One day though, the elder of the two women made the mistake of opening the door to soldiers with power arms, as in AK 14, Ronald said. The soldiers grabbed the younger woman and was about to rape her when Ronald shouted “Don’t, she is my wife.” So the soldiers grabbed the older woman and raped her in front of them. Ronald couldn’t save her anymore, for the soldiers know that migrant workers only has one wife.

That experience brought Ronald home. He traveled by foot to get to the plane that brought him home. He brought some seven hundred thousand with him, thinking that was enough to marry his girlfriend of nine years, and start a family. For some divine reason though, his girlfriend Roxanne fell ill. She collapsed one day and was diagnosed with a heart condition. Ronald had her attended to at the Philippine General Hospital. That meant also that his hard earned money had to foot the bills.

They had not married, and Roxanne is deteriorating. Ronald enrolled himself in a security agency, hoping he could have a post where there is a minimum pay.

The post at the UP IB was a prayer answered, he said. He added that God had always answered his prayers. He just didn’t foresee that a ghost was his welcoming party in his new job.

Why My Mommy Hoards Towels

Mommy called last night. She was in the mood to tell stories, so I listened.

At first she was talking about how the old people would mope about their fate there in America. After rearing up their children in the best way they can, provide education and means for their children to soar high, it is with great disappointment and heartache that their children now had made maids out of them. Not that they would not like to keep house for their children, not that they would not like to take care of their grandchildren, but at seventy and up, a cruise or a European tour would have been a reward. Sigh!

Then mommy was relating Louie stories. My nephew, he loves his bread and butter always toasted. And he enjoys the treadmill. 🙂

There was also a phone call from Kuya Allan in Vancouver. Mommy was delighted. Kuya Allan was a good nephew.

Then Mommy narrated the hoarding tales. Some guy had filled his home with shoes, accumulating a mind boggling number of walk wear by buying a dozen at a time.  And then there was one girl whose drawers we stashed up with panties to the brim. Sigh, I said.

But mommy said that was normal for people who had been deprived early on in life. For instance, her closet showcases towels in various designs, colors, and lengths. Why? Well, once, when she was a young girl during the war, a visitor in her home requested for a bath towel, and mommy had none to lend. She promised herself that that would never happen again.

So, yes, I have minimum ten new towels that come via a balikbayan box every Christmas. I give away the wiping linen to friends as gifts, with mommy’s love, of course. 🙂