Regarding the Bible…

The Bible never hurts. The Bible is an anthology of the greatest books ever written, and that includes the greatest story ever told, the supreme sacrifice our Lord has offered to save us.

Indeed, the Bible is the history of our salvation, the salvation from the original sin, from which also sprung the first sin on earth, brother killing brother. The Bible is a story of one hurt after another, and it shows how greed and envy, gluttony and lust, anger, sloth and pride consume us. 

Our stories are nothing compared to the intensity of grief experienced by the characters in the Bible. That means, we only have to read and know their stories, and we can discern and make good decisions for our own lives.

Problem is, people put down reading the Bible: one, because of its immensity, and two, many others boast about having read it and sort of condescend others who have not, making the others feel insecure.

i suggest, for those who have not read the Bible, to open to the books of the familiar stories, such as Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel, Abraham, Noah, Moses, David and Goliath, David and Jonathan, David and Saul, Ruth, Esther, Susanna, Judith, and just read on. It is easy to get hooked. I will postpone reading Job for a later time, because of the intensity of pain in the story. Get to Daniel and the Lions, Samson and Delilah, Jonas and the Whale, and the Jericho story, and Gideon. Breeze through the Proverbs and learn much about maxims of life, you can memorize them if you like.

Then go to the Gospel, which we actually know already, because we hear it all the time. I will begin reading with the gospel according to St. Luke, because he presented to gospel like a telenovela. And he wrote the Acts of the Apostles, a continuation of the telenovela.

Have fun reading. The Bible is not a scary stuff. The Bible does not mean to make you feel like a sinner in repentance all the time. The Bible is God’s stories for us, and we must enjoy reading His stories.

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The tap is busted, and the senior citizens called me by my old name.

It is quiet in the house, except for the dripping of the precious water. Jean is in Pansol with her UP Plano gang, and Tish is in San Felipe with her high school chums. I spent my morning with the old people in church, for the second of a three part seminar about Living and Sharing Christ. Did make the mistake of writing my childhood nickname in the registration, for everyone calls me Bayeng now, which is really queer, for that is my private name, and only my family calls me by that nickname, Oh well, it is out now, and it somehow does feel good to be called by my old name.

The water is dripping, I said. The faucet busted last night and my daughters improvised a water stopper by inserting a cork on the broken tap. I am indeed in need of a handyman. It had already taken me the whole afternoon to save some water because I couldn’t open the tank valve totally. And the laundry must get washed. Super sigh. And I have answered a few quizzes on facebook  to while the time away. I hope it was not a waste of time, discovering some things about myself, I mean.

It sure is quiet. Okay, I will have to spin dry my laundry now