The Fourteenth Orphan

Amongst the fourteen orphans that I visit every Friday, the oldest never joined the rosary prayers, nor the catechism that follows. Yesterday though, I was surprised that right after the children and I made the sign of the cross, she came out of the house and knelt with us in the praying place. I thought then that perhaps she would leave after the prayers, but again I was surprised that she held the three littlest ones on the bench seat, and listened to me the whole hour I narrated the story of Noah and his Ark, and the marvelous Arc of the Covenant. Gave the girls Cream’O, and she came near me to say Thank You. Gave her a smile in return. I was happy. But then, as I made my way out, Trisha (a younger girl) whispered, I know Creamy’O is good but I like the egg and cheese sandwich better. I am boiling a dozen eggs now. 

The Dark World

I enjoyed the first screening of THOR the other day, with Tish and Adam. THOR is my most beloved Marvel character, and HULK next. Pretty excited about the series of movies about my childhood cartoon superheroes. Really glad the animation I watched on black and white television in my juvenile years have come alive in full screen. THOR is guaranteed deserving of every cent paid, plus the pretzels that you bring inside the theater, instead of pop corn. Go watch, before I put some spoilers here.