For the love of children.

Pondered about my calling long ago, and ever since I can remember, there are only two things I love: teaching and being with children.

That is why I make it a date to visit the orphanage at Peach Street every Friday – to be with the children and teach.

There are some fourteen pretty girls who welcome me with their embraces and endless chatter. I, together with a fellow legionary, Sister Rita, were tasked to teach the children how to pray the rosary, and the girls, just after a few Fridays, know the prayer by heart.

Sister Rita was absent today (her three month old granddaughter was confined in the hospital), so, after, the prayers, I narrated the story of Creation, and my, every one, except for the three toddlers, were all ears. They marveled at the battle of good angels against the ones who turned bad, curious about the fruit of the tree of life and man’s Adam’s apple, brother envying brother, sacrifices and offerings, and so on. The girls wanted to hear more, but  one and half hours proved to be a bit taxing for me.

So I told them I prepared egg and cheese sandwiches for them. Oh how they loved it, and the little one asked if I was coming back soon to bring more sandwiches. Ha ha. And the other little lassie said she’ll wait for the next stories. 🙂

I am happy.

7.2 on the Richter Scale

Heard the news about the Visayas earthquake much later in the day, around half past five in the afternoon.

I was at Trinoma, that labyrinthine mall much like the maze that Daedalus created, and if I remember right, exactly what caused him and his son Icarus to flee, and that set the young lad’s tragic fate. As always, the Landmark was jam packed, the juvenile got as crazy as they can, up there at Timezone, where the zone probably transports the participants in an alien time; and the aging and the aged, the senior citizens, were probably there for the free movies.

The Churches in Bohol and Cebu received a severe batting, the Basilica de Sto Nino lost its bell tower, and Loon, I think, is nothing now but ashes. More than the structures, for many people lost their homes, the tally of the dead is increasing in number.

How do we reconcile these mind-boggling devastation, i am shaken, too, to say anything. But we are called to mortify again, and if only we detach ourselves from those shallow games we play at malls, perhaps we can feel the suffering of those who are grieving now. Shall we all pray? We must.

Noynoy now!

President Benigno S. Aquino III came out this morning and had breakfast with the business community at the SMX Convention Center. I didn’t catch his whole speech but I did get to listen to his responses about various issues. I was expecting a weary President, one forlorn because he just arrived from a wounded Zamboanga, and then there was the barrage of irritating issues disseminated by his enemies. The forces of the corrupt are not wasting any time, the evil appendages are grabbing every means to shift controversy to this President. But, as perhaps guided by his forbears, President Noynoy answered every query with justified, dignified, and lawful replies. He stood there intent, affording every man a listening ear, coughing every now and then, but never blinking an eyelash. He gave easy solutions to all petitions, and provided a natural sense of humor, like calling himself a special uncle when a special dad asked for civic discounts for his special child. Perhaps by Divine Providence, this president can relate to any one, whether the problem be domestic or of war torn proportion. That is what amazed me, Noynoy, my servant was unsure of himself when he was persuaded to run for presidency. But now stands in front of us an admirable man, one transparent to admit he gets hurt by unfair name calling, like being branded pork barrel king, when he has done much about laying down the straight path. I asked, over a month ago, Where is the President? Here he is now, a hope for our country, that no matter the deluge, natural or man made, we can sleep soundly tonight.No worry, Mr. President, we can discern truth from falsity. We believe that you will do everything in your power to make things right for us. Carry on, my servant.

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