President Aquino made his mark for greatness.

There’s a thought that must be taken. I have kept quiet for a while.

Mary Jane Veloso’s dire situation reminded of a time not long ago, in Singapore, about a housekeeper called Flor Contemplacion, left to hang in the gallows, when a tobacco sporting President by the name of Ramos. flew away, and did not help the lowly maid.

When Mary Jane’s fate was sealed, I took a deep breath, and knew that only prayers can make a miracle. But as I prayed, what unfolded before my very eyes was simply incredible. I saw the image of PNoy going through that one last ditch effort to save Mary Jane. To him, it was personal.

He attended to the matter hands on. President begging another to defer execution pending review? No, that does not happen. That is tantamount to doubting the better judgment of another. But he did. He spoke to the press as naturally, verbalizing an idea as his mind conceives it, till a phone call interrupts him, that one important call that spelled, right that very second, that an understanding has dawned. Mary Jane was more important alive than dead.

Presidents, like all others, come and go. Great leaders etch their marks in history. not because of how great a change they have contributed to the development and progress of their country, albeit that matters, but to what he has done to the least of his people.

President Benigno Aquino III, you have just done that. You have made your mark.

For greatness.