What Bucket List?

I call my sister every dawn, Manila time. That is sometime in the afternoon, I suppose, LA time. We talk about this and that, mostly about our family, the every day thing.

This morning though, she told me that the cross stitch she worked on after our Mommy passed away was in her Bucket List. Although I have an idea that the list is supposed to be about the things that one likes to do, or as one friend puts it on facebook, about the places one wants to visit, I really have no idea why it is called a Bucket List.

So, Google shows me Bucket List is a Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson movie, the two on my long list of credible actors. Why did I miss this 2007 movie? I don’t know. In 2007, if I remember right, was the last time I saw and hugged my parents. It was also the year my Jean graduated from High School, the year she entered college, and the year the termites crept inside my ceiling.

Just the same, I took a sneak preview of Bucket List. I have not found a complete copy of the movie.

It is sad, I suppose. And it is about people dying, whatever the cause is, and these people are undergoing some sort of introspection about their lives. And these people are left with some wishes they would like to do, with the little time left for them to live.

I am not qualified yet to write my Bucket List. I am not dying yet. But this sure makes me meditate about some things I have probably not done. Oh no, I do not have a grand ambition of walking the Great Wall. nor get myself in a predicament of how to get down from the tip top of the Great Pyramids, lest one gets stuck in the tomb forever, but this sure gets me thinking, what are the things I still want to do at this point in my life.

Good advice, Ate Grace. I will come up with a long one, I think. Somewhere on top of that list is to visit you guys. For there is nothing like family.



Virgo Clemens Report

Our Lady of Mercy Junior Curia

13 December 2015

A pleasant afternoon. This is the first report of Junior Praesidium Virgo Clemens.


Junior Praesidium Virgo Clemens was born November 17, 2013. Members were recruited from the 5th graders of the SSS Village Elementary School, and some were the grandchildren of Sister Rita Ochavillo-Cruz of Senior Praesidium Mater Purisimma.

The first meeting commenced at the Sacred Heart Hall, with Sister Eileen Leyva and Sister Lourdes Banaticla as the seniors in charge. Unfortunately, the boys from the Elementary School, despite the prodding, would not want to come attend the weekly meetings. Sister Eileen and Sister Lourdes invited the girls at a nearby orphanage, and they wanted to really join, but the administration of the said orphanage, would not permit the girls to walk to church on their own on Sunday mornings. Thus, the praesidium was left with the grandchildren of Sister Rita, however, and no matter the difficulty presented by the new school curricula K-12, the children would attend the weekly meetings.

After a few months, Sister Lourdes Banaticla begged to take leave from the Legion of Mary. Her 87 years of age was beset by Parkinson’s Disease. Fortunately, Sister Jinky Minay offered her services and saw to it that the members come every week.

Thus, we have now

Sister Eileen Leyva as President

Sister Clarisse Leigh Lanuza as Vice-President

Sister Samara Cruz as Secretary, and

Sister Nicole Habierto as Treasurer.

Our members are: Sister Marryjoy Robas, Brother Jan Andre Lanuza, Brother Christian Matnao, Brother RJ  Robas, and Sister JinkyMinay.

Percentage of weekly attendance is at 75 %.

The meeting is held every Sunday at the St. Therese Hall of St. Paul of the Cross Parish Church at 8:30 in the morning.

Todate, the praesidium is on its 111th meeting, standing firm with 37 auxiliaries, including the orphans who wanted to join the weekly meetings.


The members report a weekly tally of their personal sanctification. This includes: Mass, Communion, Rosary, Tessera, Visit to the Blessed Sacrament, Morning Offering, Evening Prayer, Graces before and after Meals, 3 o’clock Habit, Angelus, Memorare, Mortification, Ejaculation, Novena, Spirit of Nazareth, Catechetical Instruction, and Block Rosary.

The reports presuppose an in-depth Bible Story Telling, a study of the Sunday Gospel, and a cursory glimpse at the lives of saints. After two years, the praesidium is happy to report that it is now in the book of Exodus.

The praesidium’s major work is a monthly visit to the Meriztxell Orphanage located at Peach Street, SSS Village, Marikina. just a stone throw away from the church. The praesidium bring pancit or spaghetti or sandwiches and play with the orphans. There are 16 girls and 9 toddlers, 1 baby and 1 special child in the orphanage.

Success Postponed:

Virgo Clemens was given permission to put a Book Barrow corner at St. Therese Hall. However,  lack of funds to purchase shelves for the books deter the praesidium from initiating the Book Barrow project.


The Praesidium has attended the Acies of 2o14 and 2015.

The Praesidium went on one Summer Function 2015, a picnic at the UP Oval. The summer of 2014, most of the members went on vacations to the province.

The Praesidium attended three General  Reunions, 2013, 2014, and 2015, the last of which, the Praesidium hosted the first ever Legion of Mary Bible Quiz.

The two December Praesidium Functions were spent with the children at the orphanage.

Other Works:

Virgo Clemens joined Senior Praesidium at Home for the Aged in Boys’ Town, Parang.

Virgo Clemens joined the May Flower Offerings at the St. Paul of the Cross Church.

Virgo Clemens also joined the Pabasa and the Stations of the Cross every Holy Week.

Virgo Clemens also participated in the procession of saints in October and procession for the Immaculate Conception.


It has been a wonderful two years that Our Blessed Mother guided and blessed this small praesidium. New recruits have come and gone, but the ones who stayed are the sterling ones, the devotion for Our Blessed Mother that these members have inculcated in their lives could definitely stand the tests that may come the rest of their lives. True, many are called but few are chosen. The praesidium would like to believe that the little sacrifices they offer to the Blessed Mother, and Her Son, our Lord Jesus, have filled up our Treasure Boxes in heaven.

Although perhaps not in congruity with the Legion system, we did celebrate our two anniversaries at eat-all-you-can buffets, the first one at Marikina Hotel, and the second one at Something Fishy at Eastwood. We, of course, did not overeat, just took a bite of the food we don’t normally find in our homes. After all, celebrations are good ways of thanksgiving, and our good Lord loves those who give thanks.

Here’s wishing one and all the warmth of the Advent Season. May you all feel the care and love of our Blessed Mother as She delivers us Her Son Jesus on Christmas Day.






36 Questions on the New Testament


1. Who was the King at the time of Jesus’ birth?

2. Who is the husband of Elizabeth?

3. What is the name of the angel who told Zachariah that Elizabeth is going to have a son at her old age?

4. What is the name of the son of Elizabeth and Zachariah?

5. What are the names of Mary’s parents?

6. What is the name of the foster father of Jesus?

7. Where was Jesus born?

8. Who are the three magi?

9. What the gifts of these three magi?

10. How old was Jesus when he got lost at the feast of the pass over?

11. Where did John the Baptist baptize Jesus?

12. What is the name of Philip’s wife that became his brother Herod’s mistress?

13. Aside from James, Peter and John, name another of the twelve apostles.

14. What is the first miracle of Jesus that was only made in obedience of his mother, Mary?

15. To whom did Jesus explain the living water?

16. What is the sermon on the mount all about?

17. What did Jesus tell Jairus’ 12 year old daughter to do?

18. What food did Jesus filled the multitude with? 19. What mountain did Jesus transfigure into divinity?

20. Who did James, Peter and John see with Jesus during the transfiguration?

21. Who are the three bosom friends of Jesus?

22. What did Judas exchange Jesus for?

23. In what garden in Mount of Olives pray in agony?

24. What did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus with?

25. Who sentenced Jesus to death?

26. With whom did the Jews exchange Jesus’ freedom for?

27. Who denied Jesus three times?

28. Where did the crucifixion of Jesus take place?

29. What was the inscription on the cross of Jesus? What does it mean?

30. To whom did Jesus handed the care of his mother?

31. Who owned the tomb where Jesus was buried?

32. Who doubted that Jesus was alive?

33. Who took the place of Judas Iscariot as the new apostle?

34. Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles?

35. Who persecuted the Christians and yet was called by Jesus on his way to Damascus?

36. Who was the first Christian martyr?

59 Questions on the Old Testament


1. On the first day of creation, God made the light. On the second day, God made the sky. What did God create on the sixth day?

2. God called the first man Adam. And God put him in paradise to live. What do you call Adam’s home?

3. Adam was blown man from the dust of the earth. From what was Eve made woman?

4. God bade Adam and Eve to partake of all the fruits of the trees in paradise, except for one. What tree is this?

5. What creature tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?

6. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain was a farmer and offered God vegetables? What is Abel’s work?

7. After Cain killed his brother Abel, man became very wicked. And God decided to destroy man, except for a good one, Noah. What did God ask Noah to build?

8. Noah has three sons who helped him build the ark. They were Ham, Shem and ____?

9. For forty days and forty nights, it rained so hard, and the flood destroyed all the living creatures. When the earth dried up, Noah and his family built an altar to thank God. God gave a sign , an ark of the covenant. What is this sign?

10. How old was Noah when he died?

11. Many years after Noah, man wanted to reach the heavens and see God. So they created a tower that will lead them to heaven. What is the name of the tower?

12. God called a good man Abraham to be the Father of All Nations, and his sons will be as many as the multitude of stars in the heavens. But his wife was barren. What is the name of his wife?

13. Abraham’s nephew lot dwelt in a sinful city called Sodom. God destroyed this city together with another. What is this other city?

14. In his old age, Abraham sired a son with Sarah. What is the name of this son who God asked Abraham to offer back to Him?

15. What is the name of Isaac’s wife?

16. Isaac and Rebecca bore twins. The elder one was hairy and hardworking, He is called Esau. The younger one was not hairy at all but his mother Rebecca loved him so dearly. What was he called?

17. It happened that one day, Esau came from the field hungry, and Jacob was cooking, so Esau asked for food. Jacob said that he would only give him food if he gives Jacob his birthright, Esau agreed. What did Esau exchange his birthright for?

18. Jacob fled his brother’s wrath. In time, he fell in love with a beauteous Rachel, and served her family for seven years. But when the time came to marry Rachel, his father-in-law put his elder daughter Leah in Rachel’s place. Thus, Jacob was also deceived, just as he did his father Isaac. With many wive, how many sons did Jacob sire?

19. Again, as it happened, Jacob favored his eleventh child, his son with Rachel. He called him his miracle child, for Rachel was supposed to be barren. What is the name of this miracle child?

20. The ten older brothers got jealous, and they threw Joseph into a pit, and later sold him to merchants traveling to Egypt. The brothers told Jacob that Joseph was devoured by wild animals. What proof did the brothers show Jacob that Joseph was dead?

21. In Egypt, Joseph was made a slave in the house of Putiphar, a captain of the Pharaoh’s army. However, Putiphar’s wife desired Joseph, and when he refused, Putiphar’s wife accused Joseph of molesting her. Joseph was thrown into prison where he interpreted the dreams of the Butler and the Baker. The dreams came true. When the Pharaoh was bothered by his pervading dream that nobody could interpret, the Butler spoke of the prisoner who could understand dreams. Joseph was summoned and he interpreted the dreams to mean seven years of plenty for Egypt followed by seven years of famine. Thus the Pharaoh appointed Joseph as ruler of Egypt, and answers only to Pharaoh himself. What was the name given to Joseph?

22. It came to pass that the famine also hit the land of Canaan, Joseph’s home. One fine day, Joseph was utterly surprised to see his brothers among those waiting for grains. Joseph plotted his revenge and accused his brother as spies. But the brothers told him that they were good men, the sons of Jacob of Canaan, and he was waiting for them with their youngest brother? Who was the youngest brother?

23. Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin. The sons of Jacob became the Twelve Tribes of Isreal. From who among the twelve our Lord Jesus was a descendant of?

24. After the death of Joseph, the Pharoah started building the Pyramids. The Israelites became the slaves constructing the tombs with straw, mud, water, and whips on their shoulder… The slavery burdened the lives of the twelve tribes. They prayed for deliverance. Deliverance though came a long time coming, because it was prophesied that a Messiah will save the. When the Pharoah heard of this, he ordered all babies to be speared and thrown into the river. But a woman in the tribe of Levi hid her child in a crib and let the crib flow into the river. The daughter of the Pharoah found the crib, and because the baby was drawn from the waters, he was named what?

25. Moses believed that he was a prince of Egypt, and his brother was Ramses. In reality, he has a blood brother. What is the name of his brother?

26. Moses also has a sister. What is the name of his sister?

27. When Moses fled Egypt, he found himself in Median and he married the first daughter of the high median priest Jethro. What is the name of his wife?

28. Ramses the Pharoah wouldn’t let the Israelites leave Egypt, so God punished them with 10 plagues. Name one plague.

29. The Israelites wer e in Egypt for 130 years. When the Pharoah allowed them to leave, but later changed his mind. The Egyptian army pursued the Israelites. The Israelites were trapped between a body of water. What is the name of this body of water?

30. Moses and God’s people lived in the dessert. God gave them bread from heaven everyday. What do you call this bread?

31. What mountain did Moses climb to receive the 10 commandments?

32. What is the 4th commandment?

33. What is the 8th commandment?

34. The Israelites were not a patient people. When Moses went up Mount Sinai, they built an idol to worship. What is this idol?

35. God was displeased with his people, and he told them that only those under 20 years of age will be able to enter the promised land. Moses did not enter the promised land, but two of his assistants did. Name one of the two.

36. Under the leadership of Joshua. The Israelites carried a large box made of gold inside out. Inside this large golden box are the tables of the 10 commandments. What do you call this large golden box?

37. From the tribe of Dan came Israel’s strongest liberator. He drew his strength from the long locks of his hair. Who is he?

38. Samson fell in love with whom?

39. What is the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law?

40. What is the name of the son of Ruth and Boaz?

41. There was a woman called Hannah who begged God for a son and promised God that she will make her son serve him the rest of his life. God granted her wish. What is the name of Hannah’s son?

42. Who was the priest to whom Hannah entrusted her son, Samuel?

43. Samuel’s sons were wicked, so God told Samuel to make the strong, good-looking man from the tribe of Benjamin the first king of Israel. Who was this king?

44. Alas, after many victories, Saul, too, became proud and sinned against God. So God told Samuel to anoint a shepherd boy from the sons of Jesse. Jesse was the son of Obed, and Obed was the son of Ruth and Boaz. Who was the shepherd boy who became the mightiest King of Israel?

45. The Israelites’ mortal enemy are the Philistines. The Israelites were so afraid of the Philistines because they had a giant for a warrior. What is the name of this giant?

46. With what weapon did David defeat Goliath?

47. Who is the son of Saul that became David’s best friend?

48. What is the name of David’s very beautiful son, who wanted the throne for himself, and thereby fought his father?

49. David had another son, who requested God to be given wisdom to judge his people. Who is this wise king of Israel?

50. There was a prophet who challenged the 450 prophets of Baal to burn the sacrifice for their God. What is his name?

51. Elijah was the only person in the Old Testament who was carried to heaven by the fiery chariot drawn by splendid horses. Who was with Elijah when this happened?

52. Tobias was a faithful servant of God who became blind, and yet instructed his son to obey all the commandments of God. What was the name of his son?

53. The Assyrian king sent General Holofernes to conquer Canaan. In Bethulia, a widow heard of this command, and she prayed to God to give her the strength to do his will. This woman went to the Assyrian camp, and when Holofernes saw her, he threw a party in her honor. When Holofernes got drunk that night, this woman drew Holofernes’ own sword and cut his head. Who is this very courageous beauty?

54. King Asseuerus of Babylon was married to a Jew, but he did not know that. This Jew is the adapted niece of Mordacai, a good man. The King’s aid Aman was always jealous of Mordacai, and he plotted to kill Mordacai. So he instructed the king to put the Jews to death. Then the queen, a Jew, said that if the King does that, then she will die as well. When the king learned that, he put Aman to death instead. What is the name of the queen?

55. Who said, “the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord?”

56. What was the writing on the wall that Daniel interpreted as you have been weighed and found lacking, and your kingdom will have its end?

57. Who was the king who saved Daniel from the burning furnace?

58. Who was the beautiful woman accused by the elders of adultery that Daniel saved from death?

59. Where did God direct Jonas to go?