One fine day.

The dry spell is perhaps over, It’s a beautiful cloudy and windy day. I am enjoying a relaxing afternoon, after getting the girls off to work and school, and after visiting Sister Angelina at Medical City, she had a surgery resulting from a¬†tripping accident, and I pray she gets back on her feet soon enough. Her daughter flew from London, so I suppose that will speed up her healing. She was kicking when I came in her ASCU cubicle. Please pray for her.

The seasons hath changeth and yet again. And what do you know, Bong and Jinggoy are finally behind bars. Interesting the ala telenovela the two actors cum senators staged for us, so full of drama, and yet the scripts are not to their liking. Oh well, I will hold my piece until they are proven guilty. My title, of course, will be “A Tale of Two Senators.” Nope, I am not trying to demean these personages, I just want to make a study of how two proud men lost something from their brat package, like Bong going barefoot in a post mug shot pic, while looking at the police huddled, as if deciding what to do with him next, and Jinggoy doing away with his trademark smirk when he departed from his posh house and headed to his father’s equally elegant home, and then father and son, both of whom were once charged of plunder, to Camp Crame. The images are surreal, actually.


It is a lovely day.

I am watching Portugal versus the USA, by the way.

The World Cup is more entertaining, this one fine day.