A Blessed Day for Christendom

Tuned in on television soon as I arrived home at one o’clock in the morning, hoping to see white smoke come out of Sistine Chapel’s chimney. Alas, after exactly an hour, I had to sleep, for I have to rise again in a couple of hours, and little did I know that just a few minutes after my head lulled to deep slumber, the white smoke I had been waiting for would bring good news, a new Pope has been elected.cheering

Pope Francis, a humble Argentinian, advocate of the poor, a Jesuit, breathing at 76 years with only one lung, is now the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and of course, deep in the hearts of every Catholic, that includes everyone who calls himself a Christian.

The great command is evangelizebring the good news to people who do not know our Saviour,Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Most High.

And with glad tidings, we obey, and are ultra excited, for now we have Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, in the line of Peter, the Rock to whom our Lord Jesus built His Church.

By the way, Pope Francis, am sure, is dedicated to my favorite saint, Saint Francis of Assisi, the rich lad who turned himself away from material wealth and embraced the poor, the sick, the hungry, and loved the animals and nature. Rumor has it he run with the deer and flew with the eagles. Ain’t that saying something? Pope Francis is sending us a message, let us listen and heed.