For all the imperfect people.

The homily from a young visiting priest we had yesterday was funny. The priest talked about his vocation, as the Gospel was on the calling of the apostles.

The priest said that there was nothing earthshaking about his calling, his was just a simple response to a call he heard. But his family and friends have different opinions about his vocation, and continue to be bewildered by his being a priest. And, as gladly. he allows himself to be the butt of jokes come reunion time, as loved ones swipe their hands on him as if he is a holy icon. Ha ha ha. To them, he is the same guy, nothing super special.

But that is precisely the point. He is not super special. He is not the perfect guy. He has faults. That is why he was called.

God actually called on the imperfect ones to do the job for Him. Abraham is low-key, Noah a little dumb, Moses a coward, Jacob a deceiver, Joseph vengeful, David a wife stealer, Jonas an evader, Samson proud,

The new testament has quite an amazing list, too. Zacharias has a wobbly faith Joseph the carpenter had called feet, John the Baptist a loud hot-head, Magdalene a prostitute. Simon boastful, James has temperament, Zacchaeus a usurer, and Saul a persecutor, or killer of Christians.

These are not exactly the men, or woman, we would want to idolize. And yet, God picked them from many a perfect ones. But when they responded, they delivered.

So, it is not that you and I, imperfect as we are, that God has not chosen us. He has called us already, actually. It is our turn to make the response.

Have you?

If you haven’t, then, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence, brother,

For the love of children.

Pondered about my calling long ago, and ever since I can remember, there are only two things I love: teaching and being with children.

That is why I make it a date to visit the orphanage at Peach Street every Friday – to be with the children and teach.

There are some fourteen pretty girls who welcome me with their embraces and endless chatter. I, together with a fellow legionary, Sister Rita, were tasked to teach the children how to pray the rosary, and the girls, just after a few Fridays, know the prayer by heart.

Sister Rita was absent today (her three month old granddaughter was confined in the hospital), so, after, the prayers, I narrated the story of Creation, and my, every one, except for the three toddlers, were all ears. They marveled at the battle of good angels against the ones who turned bad, curious about the fruit of the tree of life and man’s Adam’s apple, brother envying brother, sacrifices and offerings, and so on. The girls wanted to hear more, but  one and half hours proved to be a bit taxing for me.

So I told them I prepared egg and cheese sandwiches for them. Oh how they loved it, and the little one asked if I was coming back soon to bring more sandwiches. Ha ha. And the other little lassie said she’ll wait for the next stories. 🙂

I am happy.