For the time being, I will call him Fr. Calvin.

Fr. Calvin, that is the name I am calling the thirty-ish good looking priest who lambasted his parish priest Fr Henry of the UP Church yesterday in his Easter homily. Fr. Calvin, you, see, is bald on top. But I think it is by choice. Shaving his head must be his way of shooo-ing away ladies.

Fr. Cavin narrated Fr. Henry’s misadventure @Boracay last Easter. After a toilsome Holy Week, Fr. Henry decided to take a breather at the world famous island off the coast of Mindoro. But since the island is known for sexy beach parties, he didn’t want to make anyone feel uneasy if they get to know he is a priest. So, Fr. Henry bared to a one-piece, leaving a decent enough shorts as his cover. He has not walked far enough along the shore when a beauty in ultra sexy bikini greeted him and said “Hi Father.” Fr. Henry was taken aback and wondered, and so the following day, he changed his cover and strolled on the sand with shirt and visor. Comes the string bikini clad gal from the previous day, and Fr. Henry thought she wouldn’t recognize him anymore, but there she called “Hi Father!” The third day, Fr. Henry glued tattoos and sported bearded and brusque outfit, and comes the same sexy girl who flashed a gleeful Hi Father again. Perplexed that his incognito was a fail, he politely asked why she knows him. Surprised, the lady asked “Oh Father, don’t you recognize me? I am Sister Veronica!”

Lest you think Fr. Calvin does not take his homilies to heart, he did tell of one story that brought tears in our eyes. It was the story of a photographer assigned to cover a free for all Easter Party. There were so many people from all walks of life who came to partake of the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Adobo, Pancit, Kanin at Matamis na Saging were served. Picture the long line on a super hot day. Still, people queued, the food was free. The photographer kept on panning his lens, shooting subjects at heart, when he zoomed in on three younglings, later on he learned were just 7, 5 and 3. The eldest was the Ate, and she sat her two siblings underneath the tree, afterwhich, she set to wait at the very end of the long, long line. When finally it was her turn to be given food, there was no more food but one small banana. She took the plate anyway and rushed to her siblings. She sat down on the large root of the tree, and cut the banana into two, gave her siblings their portions, and for herself, she licked the plate to taste the sweet syrup. The photographer apologized he could not produce a picture, for when it was time to click his shutter, he couldn’t see anymore, his vision was covered with his own tears.