David Letterman is fascinated with the Catholic Church.

He pokes every conceivable joke he can, that seemingly vulgar but appropriately decent night show television host named David Letterman, on every event that happen on the Catholic Church. And obviously, he is having as much fun as he can get with the new Pontiff, Pope Francis, the infallible leader of the 1.2 billion strong Catholic Church.

David Letterman, I think, is amused, or fascinated with Catholicism because, let truth be told, the old guy is highly intelligent and, deep in the recesses of his being, he knows the Catholic Church is that one and only one Church instituted by our Lord Jesus Himself. And though beset through the ages by issues and problems that could crumble any other church, there it stands, because our Lord promised that He will forever take care of the Church.

Okay Mr. Letterman, one is never too old to join, Tony Blair did, and he was Prime Minister of England. Intelligent men see the truth, and they can feel or sense what is right. But only those who humble themselves are wise. wink

Oh yes, Pope Francis just might baptize you, if you ask him, he has compassion for those who mercilessly poke fun on him. You will be given time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (you can feature your list on your top ten later), and thy sins will be forgiven.w00tlol