Honor Code Abused?


How do we begin to understand what “upholding the Honor Code” means, with regard the dismissal of a PMA candidate for graduation, when all the news is saying is just that: He lied. What is the lie? Is that lie tantamount to the severity of punishment, in this case, denying the cadet his soldier’s diploma, consequently stripping him of his dream to serve the people through the armed forces?

Advise me, what exactly is the story?

Because I see here one young lad at the onset of his life, full of dreams, to serve the people, and right now, talk is focused at that “lie” as against an academic excellence credential that put him at the “Salutatorian” status, four years of hard training, four years when he could have cheated and lied, but never did, because his grades spelled sterling performance….

And he lied at the last minute?

What say the teachers who honed him? Did they believe their intelligent cadet capable of lying? Is the lying story commensurate to the character?

Hmmm, something is amiss here, for teachers want their students to soar high, not abandon them to deteriorate to nothingness. Soldiers fight with their comrade-in-arms, never leave one out to die in the field alone. That is the honor code.

This one looks like an abuse of that code.

Cadet Cudia, don’t feel forlorn, I give thee my salute.

My Resolution 2014

What is your New Year’s Resolution? I have one.

Resolution, according to Google, means “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

In school, every end of the year, or the beginning of a new year, the composition teachers would ask the students, as if there is no other interesting topic in the world, to write a formal theme about personal resolutions. Most often, the writing instructions are phrased in the negative, like, what, in your person, would you like to change. The students are given examples such as: I will study harder, I will not cheat anymore, I will obey my parents from now on, I will not drink colas or the strong stuff anymore, I will not smoke anymore, I will not party too much anymore.

It is as if the students are not studying enough, or are always cheating, disobedient to their parents, drink a lot of prohibited liquid, smoke cigarettes, and party more than school. In the minds of the students, they have to find their faults. In the minds of the students, they have to identify the bad in them, and thereby make resolutions.

I did despise those moments when I have to search the bad in me. I would have liked, instead, to find the good in me, and resolve to make better for another year. If I was a basketball player, I would practice more, so my team could become champs. If I was good in academics, I’d make an extra effort to help a classmate who is behind in Math. If I was a singer, I’d serenade someone who needs cheering up each day.

Resolutions are meant to enhance one’s person. Resolutions are meant to make yet a better person out of the old one.

I am not too old for resolutions. And this 2014, I’d like to look for a downtrodden each day and liven him or her up with a gracious compliment. A stranger to talk to each day, my way of loving my neighbor, my way of loving my self, too.