St. Paul of the Cross Rising

t. Paul of the Cross is some four decades and four years old.

When other churches around the Philippines have been in existence for four centuries, mine started to build when I was a child.

I can still remember the wind-tossed stilts and nipa that was our make-shift chapel come Sundays, in a grassy slope beneath our valley.

Somewhere between then and now, a bigger chapel was constructed. Our community had grown.

Four years ago, a new parish priest by the name of Fr. Eymard Balatbat came to take care of us. Under his watch, a new St. Paul of the Cross comes to rise.

The construction of the new church is going on its second Christmas. A long time constructing, but hey, every one is excited.

My Fearless Forecast

Wrote this on facebook and mylot four days ago…

My Fearless Forecast, on this rainy February day: Cardinal Chito Tagle will be Pope. Why? It’s obvious., actually. It is the handiwork of the Blessed Mother. Remember when the Philippines succumbed to the dark ages under Martial Rule, and the Filipinos gradually and quietly sought refuge in foreign lands, not just to deliver themselves from the scourges of evil men, but also to earn income for the loved ones they left behind?, well, that set the migration of this piously catholic brown blood, and into the homes of other races where they served as domestic helpers, or in the hospitals where they nursed the sick and the aged, or in the boats where with the weight of the freight on their shoulders made them call on the Lord for strength, they prayed. The Filipinos evangelized the world through the oracion, the rosary, the three o’clock habit (the hour of Divine Mercy), the countless novenas (as devoutly as they could , to their favorite saints), and the Sunday Masses (their day off). The world, amidst all the sham that we witness today, is ready to fight for good, because the Filipinos had prepared for battle. Now all we need is our leader.

Here’s a yahoo link, where news has it that this bus boy (meaning he took the bus from Cavite, when summoned in Manila for a Bishops’ Conclave, and chatted with the people, believes that humanity’s deliverance comes when we humble ourselves and pray. It’s people power. Vox populi vox Dei, or simply, the voice of the people is the voice of God.…