Pope Francis’ sense of humor is hilarious..

Pope Francis has just been elected and installed, all in less than a fortnight, and in an event of global proportion, considering Vatican City is a tiny state inside Rome.

But of course, now we know that the Catholic Church is 1.2 billion strong, and counting, considering the new successor of fisher Peter is a humble one, simple in his ways, compassionate to the poor, decisive, strong, unyielding to the powerful. Now he has rabbis for allies.

Much tales that come out about this one-lunged Pope are pretty amusing. He doesn’t mean to make these stories funny, but indeed that is just what comes, ha ha.

Read the Vatican receptionist’s story: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/…

What I like best is, in his modesty, after being elected Pope, he had to tell the cardinals “May God forgive you” for choosing me. lol