The Fourteenth Orphan

Amongst the fourteen orphans that I visit every Friday, the oldest never joined the rosary prayers, nor the catechism that follows. Yesterday though, I was surprised that right after the children and I made the sign of the cross, she came out of the house and knelt with us in the praying place. I thought then that perhaps she would leave after the prayers, but again I was surprised that she held the three littlest ones on the bench seat, and listened to me the whole hour I narrated the story of Noah and his Ark, and the marvelous Arc of the Covenant. Gave the girls Cream’O, and she came near me to say Thank You. Gave her a smile in return. I was happy. But then, as I made my way out, Trisha (a younger girl) whispered, I know Creamy’O is good but I like the egg and cheese sandwich better. I am boiling a dozen eggs now.