Kris Crying on a real HOT day.

It is hot outside, with occasional breeze of cold air, the last brush of the North Wind. My well springs little water, I do hope it does not run dry. With all the diggings Manila Water is doing around my own neighborhood, I am almost tempted to subscribe, but no,,thanks, I hold those water companies dishonest, just like Meralco, they yielded tremendous disservice to the people.

Kris Aquino was crying again, on Channel 2, and she brought her sisters Ballsy, Pinky, and Viel, for moral support. James Yap allegedly tried to kiss her, and hurt her, and witness to the sad episode was their little boy, Bimby. Kris, ultimately, because of this current skirmish, announced she is leaving her tv shows, as it finally dawned on her that this is what her mother Cory had always been telling her: sacrifice and stay simple.

My Jean saw Kris Aquino @ d FAME, and while my Jean describes Kris as amazingly beautiful and elegant, her skinny Bimby looks ordinary, something like skimpy, that one would surmise Kris simply attempted to make him presentable. But of course, as Pinky would put it, Kris is the loving mother that their mother Cory was. And when the Aquino siblings open their mouths, I believe it, hook, line and sinker. Honesty, that is their family trait. Sorry James, I would have believed your crying earlier on, but I think you became a bit too harsh for comfort.