Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Of all the Marvel Comic stories transposed into the silver screen, Captain America with the Winter Soldier defines what patriotism, or love of country is all about. No, it is not just valor or courage under fire, when heroes are tested, that spell what it is to be a soldier, it is, primarily, in knowing and doing what is right.

Captain Steve Rogers is in search of a purpose for his redefined status, a super soldier turned ordinary citizen, 95 years old and looking as hunky as ever. Inadvertently, he finds himself again in defense of threatened world, by a hydra as monstrous as evil itself.

The movie brings back the old fashioned friendship that bonds people for life, and affirms that with support from trusted pals, old or new, there will always be hope that this world will not perish in ugliness. There will always be heroes who will rise and save the world.

I love this movie very much. There is much more to say about the script, the graphics, the special effects, subtle imagery and all, but I’d leave you enjoy the film.

If only I have a moment with Chris Evans….

Oh shucks, Robert Redford was my original profile actor, character and all, of course. Happy to see him essay an antagonist’s role.

But it is Chris Evans time. 🙂

The Dark World

I enjoyed the first screening of THOR the other day, with Tish and Adam. THOR is my most beloved Marvel character, and HULK next. Pretty excited about the series of movies about my childhood cartoon superheroes. Really glad the animation I watched on black and white television in my juvenile years have come alive in full screen. THOR is guaranteed deserving of every cent paid, plus the pretzels that you bring inside the theater, instead of pop corn. Go watch, before I put some spoilers here.