Why saying sorry is not necessary.

None more tragic than fall of the troopers in Masasapano. I wondered, too, why the President didn’t show up at the Villamor airbaise, to receive the fallen SAF. But the President’s actuation and speeches showed how he felt, He was also shocked, at a loss as to what went wrong, As commander-in-chief, he had to assess what happened. And lest he gives faulty answers to the families and to the people, he made sure he knew what led to the demise of the forty-four troopers. Now we know there was disobedience, and perhaps complacence on the part of the support SAF, because they rejoiced too early, as the Ground Commander already received congratulations. Sigh. The President, more than any of us, lamented at the death of his men, and he said he would carry this earth-shaking tragedy to his grave. He had reached out to the families, to help them in any way, if that is the only way he could somehow lessen the grief of the widows, the children, the parents, the siblings, the families of the valiant forty-four. Actions speak louder than words, The President has humbly accepted all tirades, including curses on his person. What else do the critics want. Sorry? Oh no. Saying sorry is not appropriate. The President stretched his “pakikiramay” more than that word sorry. He deeply took being father of his land to heart and soul, In silence, he grieved.