Talk about bread, I found out just recently why I do not like Gardenia Bread. Sorry, but since it was launched way back when my children were in Grade School, and every mother I talked to recommended the Gardenia line as against the old time favorite Goldilocks, I tried to taste the tastiness of the loaves, and through the years, tasted every new product Gardenia offered the market. Yet, I did feel bad when our loaf lies on our counter table as it nears the expiration date, and I would salvage the precious bread from gathering “amag” by refrigerating, and yet it stays in the fridge for days still, only to be fed to the birds and the ants.

Anyway, with no malice to the company which, of course, aside from profit of such a big business, only wanted to offer clean and quality bread, I learned that everything in the production of the bread, up to the sealing of the packaging, everything was machine made.

Now I know, the bread lacked the “halo” and the “palo” of a “panadero” which, I believe, produce the tender taste. That is why, I think now, I stop at Bread Talk or Tous Le Jours ¬†and such other bakeries where I can watch the dough tossed, because, I love the way the bakers bake the bread.

My taste, I suppose, will always be old-fashioned.