By way of response to a GMA news clip.

Truth be told, it doesn’t have to come to this. Senator Grace Poe’s Committee Report is frustrating, because it pertains to a statement that the President is ultimately responsible. No, he is not. There is a difference between being responsible and ultimately responsible. Check the dictionary, Senator Grace. The President has acknowledged that he is responsible. Ultimately, the report could have concluded that the SAF erred, with regards execution. And the Ground Commander could have been rejoicing already, having taken the terrorist down, Sayang, Senator Grace, your conclusion satisfies a clamor but not the truth. And may I take this opportunity to give an unsolicited advice, do not pursue the presidency yet, you can’t hear well with the deafening noise, that you fail to see clearly, As to the people, we have become bullies, bashing with foul language, prone to revelry, to put blame on another. Look what we’ve done because of our crab thinking, we have failed to honor fully those who sacrificed their lives. And the ‘has been’ who had corrupted this country has resurfaced, taking advantage of the situation. Sigh.