Flowers for Mama Mary

It’s Maytime, the season of feasts and festivities, as in Kiping Festival in Quezon Province, the Carabao Parade in Bulacan, the Karakol Dance in Cavite, the Santakrusan, the search for the Holy Cross, in practically every town and city. these celebrations are all grand and exciting, and townsfolk do prepare for these special occasions. What I love best though is the Flores de Mayo or the Mayflower Festival, a whole month of flower offering to the Blessed Mother inside the Church.

When I was little, I picked hundreds of sampaguita flower buds, from our yard in Olongapo City, and sewed them into garlands, just for the Blessed Mother. And of course, me and my siblings, as well as my cousins, we all wore white, queued quietly as we patiently waited for our turn to lay our leis at the foot of the Blessed Mother. And the Blessed Mother, She was always lovely, smiled at us as if She was grateful for all our scented sampaguitas, and I did wonder why we never ran out of buds, for we picked as much as we can everyday.

May is Mama Mary’s month, and yesterday, the rain dropped hard from heaven, as if She is asking where we are now, me and my siblings, as well as my cousins, for we have not offered flowers to Her, not in a long, long while.