Sweltering Summer

We are experiencing a rather ultra hot summer season, and the 35 degrees celsius is now part of everyone’s vocabulary. As it is vacation time for the students, I got my Tish help me clean up my home in Antipolo, despite the heat.

We stop by the buko vendor every time we can, and help ourselves to that thirst quenching coconut juice.

If I did not know about Eve’s apple, I would say the coconutĀ is the tree of life, not only for the juice, and the delicious white flesh, but for the many uses of that tree, or correct me please, it is not a tree, is it? Whatever it is, the coconut is my tree of life, for it produces many things we need: mantika, nganga, tingting, bunot, palaspas, bao, nata de coco, buko pie, minatamis, at iba’t iba pa.

And do you know that the coconut is now a tourist attraction? According to our DOT Sec, tourists come to the country and watch our boys crack a coconut? That is why Tourism is fast becoming our best income earner, and all we have to do is show our boys climb a coconut tree, ha ha.

Here’s a trivia: only boys can feel if a coconut is juicy or fleshy, so said the buko vendor.

Okay, okay, all I want to plug here is: for the sweltering summer, think coconut!