On a comet approaching and climate change.

I was tagged on facebook about a comet approaching and surely hitting our Planet Earth, somewhere near Brazil and Venezuela, and, according to the doom scenario, this happens in September, which is roughly two months from now, Further googling tells that the comet is 2.5 wide, and might shatter when it enters the earth’s atmosphere, yet still creating an impact that could cause deathly tsunamis. All the missile tests that have been conducted in the recent months by various countries are all practices to somehow tear the comet and lessen the impact. Furthermore, the world leaders actually have given hints about this catastrophic event by rendering remarks on climate change.

But of course I am not afraid of Armageddon. It was written in the Good Book, and so we must have prepared by now. What I am concerned about is the disturbing climate change that is wreaking havoc everywhere. Right now, the two typhoons that entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility have brought damage to lives and properties. I would not want to leave a dire world to my children and would be grandchildren, would I?

Here’s a warning from America, which still is, the leader of the world’s nations, about climate change. Take heed, It might save our lives.