Postscript on a Punching Stat of the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Time was, when boxing greats like Muhammad Ali show up for a match inside the boxing ring, one is guaranteed not just a sport but some kind of total entertainment. Boxing was called boxing because the boxers box.

Today, a new sport was started by Floyd Mayweather, and from the parlance of well respected boxing critics and analyzers, a new terminology has emerged. It is called defensing. It is a Mayweather invention, scientifically and statistically proven effective, wherein a fighter, when being punched, swaggers, hugs, scratches with unnecessary punches, and runs.

Thus the demise of a sport called boxing. Do you think that celebrities who flew in style. via private jets to Las Vegas, would ever purchase a boxing ticket again just to watch defensing. Nope. They won’t. These celebrities had been had by a scheming Mayweather Promotions who made sure that they collected their money. They played by hook and by crook, if the reports that even Manny Pacquiao‘s entourage was treated very ill, are true.

These very important people who watched the fight knew what they saw, even if the commentators were saying something much different from what was happening. It’s a brainwashing game.

And in the aftermath, the supposedly whiz of critics, like the father and son tandem, Recah and Chino Trinidad, exposed their envious vehemence of Manny Pacquiao by justifying with numbers. Or that what’s his name? Philip Guico?Tcheh. No different from those Las Vegas conspirators who attacked a seemingly lone Pacquiao from all angles: from a prejudiced referee, to biased judges, to unfair conditions. These sinister boxing aficionados could have given a spectacular bout, but they angered the viewers with boos. I am disgusted more with our own people vilifying our own People’s Champ. Talk about betrayal being a most grievous sin.

Las Vegas and Mayweather played with the minds of the children, by brainwashing them. making everyone believe Mayweather is a great defensive, scientific boxer. When Mayweather lies alone in bed at night, does he really believe he is great? Come on, stop deceiving yourself. No sinister scheme could make you a person great that you really want to be. And stay away from Bieber, he is so young and so repulsive.

At the end of the day, Manny Pacquiao, consoling words must be pouring in, and let me add some more to the litany: the greatness of a man comes from what he has done, not from what he ran away from.

Do not look at this tally. it is an added ploy to insult the already injured.

And a footnote to America: stop deceiving your people, especially your children. Doom looks like it is in the offing. Your people are going self-destruct. Because even with a simple game as boxing, you cannot come clean and true

Boston Bombing is an Imitation of Jolie’s SALT.

Art is an imitation of life. That is the saying. But in the recent years, we see people in real life imitating the movies.

In the Boston Marathon bombing, two suspects, blood brothers from Chechnya, Russia, acted as if they were guilty, for they did put up a fight. One died, the other fled, was caught, and now confined in a hospital under heavy guard.

More interesting is the amount of information coming out: the brothers were positive haters of America, but, they had blended in, just like ordinary Americans, and as calmly and as naturally, they would wreak havoc without being suspected as terrorists, and had it not been for the cameras, they would not have been caught.

America had been infiltrated, not by super spies but by ordinary people pausing as neighbors, co-workers, friends… And as we see in this Boston Bombing, students! Who would think these young people are terrorists? Not the classmates they mingle with everyday. Not the teachers who discuss lessons with them everyday. Not the auto mechanic they brought their cars for check up…

Angelina Jolie’s character SALT showed how the terrorists were made. Perhaps that is what this yahoo report is implying:… If so, it is life imitating art.