President Benigno Aquino III, emerges from DAP controversy, as yet the kindest president this nation has.

As stubborn and as bratty as he remains, this honest and sincere president who only has the welfare of the people in his mind and in his heart, makes a firm and formidable stance, to protect his suffering bosses, from those who miss the mark.

The DAP issue reverberates through the valleys of death, about its illegality, as the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional. Tell that to the hungry and the ailing, the pauper and the dying. Would they even listen?

NO, they won’t.

What matters to them is the food that could appease the churning of their stomachs.
What matters to them is the paracetamol that could take away the fever that chills both their body and their soul.

This president’s bosses are begging.

And the educated minds calculate that they could wait another day? For what?

For propriety?

Gosh! What propriety are we talking about? Have we not learned about what we must do, that when presented with two evils, we choose the lesser evil?

And the media, whose job is reportage, magnifies its lack of excellence by assuming that every question and opinion that they could think of has every right to be uttered or printed, adding to the buzz or the noise of the professional protesters. The media need to be reminded that senseless presumptions could be detrimental to our nation.

The bosses are down on the pit, dying, and you wait another day to help? Pardon me. Reality check: there is never a tomorrow to live, there is only today.

It is so easy to see that there is no error nor fault in the usage of the savings. The money was spent on the people.

The fault lies on those who make mountain out of a molehill, those who argue that morality is at stake here, because the end does not justify the means.

That is missing the mark.

For did not our Lord say “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

Give that savings to those who suffer and need it, What is the hay for if the horse is dead?

By and large, this president has come of age. To stand against a ruling of the Supreme Court is scary enough, He met it anyway.

That is what I call “My President.”

One fine day.

The dry spell is perhaps over, It’s a beautiful cloudy and windy day. I am enjoying a relaxing afternoon, after getting the girls off to work and school, and after visiting Sister Angelina at Medical City, she had a surgery resulting from a tripping accident, and I pray she gets back on her feet soon enough. Her daughter flew from London, so I suppose that will speed up her healing. She was kicking when I came in her ASCU cubicle. Please pray for her.

The seasons hath changeth and yet again. And what do you know, Bong and Jinggoy are finally behind bars. Interesting the ala telenovela the two actors cum senators staged for us, so full of drama, and yet the scripts are not to their liking. Oh well, I will hold my piece until they are proven guilty. My title, of course, will be “A Tale of Two Senators.” Nope, I am not trying to demean these personages, I just want to make a study of how two proud men lost something from their brat package, like Bong going barefoot in a post mug shot pic, while looking at the police huddled, as if deciding what to do with him next, and Jinggoy doing away with his trademark smirk when he departed from his posh house and headed to his father’s equally elegant home, and then father and son, both of whom were once charged of plunder, to Camp Crame. The images are surreal, actually.


It is a lovely day.

I am watching Portugal versus the USA, by the way.

The World Cup is more entertaining, this one fine day.

Regarding the Bible…

The Bible never hurts. The Bible is an anthology of the greatest books ever written, and that includes the greatest story ever told, the supreme sacrifice our Lord has offered to save us.

Indeed, the Bible is the history of our salvation, the salvation from the original sin, from which also sprung the first sin on earth, brother killing brother. The Bible is a story of one hurt after another, and it shows how greed and envy, gluttony and lust, anger, sloth and pride consume us. 

Our stories are nothing compared to the intensity of grief experienced by the characters in the Bible. That means, we only have to read and know their stories, and we can discern and make good decisions for our own lives.

Problem is, people put down reading the Bible: one, because of its immensity, and two, many others boast about having read it and sort of condescend others who have not, making the others feel insecure.

i suggest, for those who have not read the Bible, to open to the books of the familiar stories, such as Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel, Abraham, Noah, Moses, David and Goliath, David and Jonathan, David and Saul, Ruth, Esther, Susanna, Judith, and just read on. It is easy to get hooked. I will postpone reading Job for a later time, because of the intensity of pain in the story. Get to Daniel and the Lions, Samson and Delilah, Jonas and the Whale, and the Jericho story, and Gideon. Breeze through the Proverbs and learn much about maxims of life, you can memorize them if you like.

Then go to the Gospel, which we actually know already, because we hear it all the time. I will begin reading with the gospel according to St. Luke, because he presented to gospel like a telenovela. And he wrote the Acts of the Apostles, a continuation of the telenovela.

Have fun reading. The Bible is not a scary stuff. The Bible does not mean to make you feel like a sinner in repentance all the time. The Bible is God’s stories for us, and we must enjoy reading His stories.

President Barack came to town.

It was a grand and heartwarming welcome for President Barack Obama in Manila, red carpet, twenty-one gun salute, and a real hot sun. It was Filipino hospitality at its best: the native food, the pangkat kawayan, the Kuh Ledesma/Leo Valcez voices, and the courteousness and kindness that is innately Filipino.

I listened, of course, to what the two presidents have to say about the visit and the affairs of the region and the rest of the world. Criticisms abound, but we have to give it to these two great men (both my age), that they are doing their damnest best for peace and the betterment of all the peoples of the world. I do not doubt their sincerity and honesty, for they would have blundered in front of the cameras, but I did hear spontaneous responses, not calibrated, and sometimes, I would like to reprimand the critics for creating a whole bunch of senseless stumbling blocks the slows the success of these leaders.

Hope springs eternal.

The US President who came to right a wrong.

Before he proceeded to American Heritage where he laid a wreath, in heartfelt gratitude, to those American soldiers who never made it home, in the world war of 1940’s, those who had fallen side by side with the Filipinos in Leyte, at Corregidor, and in that gruesome Death March from Bataan to Tarlac, President Barack Obama gave a terse speech to the men and women in uniform, both Americans and Filipinos, and the veterans of WWII, telling them that the friendship between the United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines is IRON CLAD. 

If we are to make mental image of what is IRON CLAD, we think about a friendship forged in fire. President Barack couldn’t be emphatic enough, because actually, the friendship of the Americans and the Filipinos was forged in blood. President Barack was hurried in his speech, but he took his time shaking hands, even kissing, the veterans, and the soldiers. That is what mattered.

Thank you, President Obama, for a pleasant visit. You are the only President of the United States who admitted that a wrong had been done to our veterans, for more than sixty years, and you came to make it right. No matter what the critics find fault in you, you already penetrated the Filipinos’ hearts.


(And Air Force One flew past my roof, because, since it is a no fly zone time, that’s the only air craft on the heavens that I heard. Ha ha)

Honor Code Abused?

How do we begin to understand what “upholding the Honor Code” means, with regard the dismissal of a PMA candidate for graduation, when all the news is saying is just that: He lied. What is the lie? Is that lie tantamount to the severity of punishment, in this case, denying the cadet his soldier’s diploma, consequently stripping him of his dream to serve the people through the armed forces?

Advise me, what exactly is the story?

Because I see here one young lad at the onset of his life, full of dreams, to serve the people, and right now, talk is focused at that “lie” as against an academic excellence credential that put him at the “Salutatorian” status, four years of hard training, four years when he could have cheated and lied, but never did, because his grades spelled sterling performance….

And he lied at the last minute?

What say the teachers who honed him? Did they believe their intelligent cadet capable of lying? Is the lying story commensurate to the character?

Hmmm, something is amiss here, for teachers want their students to soar high, not abandon them to deteriorate to nothingness. Soldiers fight with their comrade-in-arms, never leave one out to die in the field alone. That is the honor code.

This one looks like an abuse of that code.

Cadet Cudia, don’t feel forlorn, I give thee my salute.


Talk about bread, I found out just recently why I do not like Gardenia Bread. Sorry, but since it was launched way back when my children were in Grade School, and every mother I talked to recommended the Gardenia line as against the old time favorite Goldilocks, I tried to taste the tastiness of the loaves, and through the years, tasted every new product Gardenia offered the market. Yet, I did feel bad when our loaf lies on our counter table as it nears the expiration date, and I would salvage the precious bread from gathering “amag” by refrigerating, and yet it stays in the fridge for days still, only to be fed to the birds and the ants.

Anyway, with no malice to the company which, of course, aside from profit of such a big business, only wanted to offer clean and quality bread, I learned that everything in the production of the bread, up to the sealing of the packaging, everything was machine made.

Now I know, the bread lacked the “halo” and the “palo” of a “panadero” which, I believe, produce the tender taste. That is why, I think now, I stop at Bread Talk or Tous Le Jours  and such other bakeries where I can watch the dough tossed, because, I love the way the bakers bake the bread.

My taste, I suppose, will always be old-fashioned.

Noynoy now!

President Benigno S. Aquino III came out this morning and had breakfast with the business community at the SMX Convention Center. I didn’t catch his whole speech but I did get to listen to his responses about various issues. I was expecting a weary President, one forlorn because he just arrived from a wounded Zamboanga, and then there was the barrage of irritating issues disseminated by his enemies. The forces of the corrupt are not wasting any time, the evil appendages are grabbing every means to shift controversy to this President. But, as perhaps guided by his forbears, President Noynoy answered every query with justified, dignified, and lawful replies. He stood there intent, affording every man a listening ear, coughing every now and then, but never blinking an eyelash. He gave easy solutions to all petitions, and provided a natural sense of humor, like calling himself a special uncle when a special dad asked for civic discounts for his special child. Perhaps by Divine Providence, this president can relate to any one, whether the problem be domestic or of war torn proportion. That is what amazed me, Noynoy, my servant was unsure of himself when he was persuaded to run for presidency. But now stands in front of us an admirable man, one transparent to admit he gets hurt by unfair name calling, like being branded pork barrel king, when he has done much about laying down the straight path. I asked, over a month ago, Where is the President? Here he is now, a hope for our country, that no matter the deluge, natural or man made, we can sleep soundly tonight.No worry, Mr. President, we can discern truth from falsity. We believe that you will do everything in your power to make things right for us. Carry on, my servant.

— Image

A response to a yahoo clip by kuro-kuro community a year ago…

Here’s a response I wrote about President Aquino. Just discovered this when I googled my own name, LOL!
Posted by unregistered user: Eileen Leyva

I was already disheartened when the candidates for the presidency were letting us know of their intent to run. I was praying on bended knees that God grants us someone who would be sincere and honest enough to alleviate this country from poverty, corruption, greed, false pride, and whatever disillusion that prevents our people and our land from progressing. When Tita Cory died, my hope died, too. It was only her that makes me gather up my courage and believe that everything will be well. When Noynoy was urged to run after his mother was laid to rest, I felt goosebumps on my skin! Could he be God’s answer to my prayers? It did not take me long to meditate upon it. I started lecturing my daughters and my young kin about Ninoy and Cory. My lessons ended even before Noynoy decided to go on a retreat in the South. The only argument that I received was “but he is not as talkative and as charming as Kris…” I told them to wait and see, the son will also rise…
Well, now our younglings are simply arguing about what language President Noy should use. He gets bulol in Tagalog. But that does not mean his Tagalog is not deep. My daughter said he is not just president but Filipino teacher as well. And his command of English is like listening to a new Ninoy.
I am grateful already for the spring cleaning PNoy had done in just over two months of incumbency. For now, I would just like to say “Knock the UN dead, Noy!” and “Godspeed on your journey back home!”
Pasalubong ha! ❤


I do think David Letterman is bullish about the Filipinos…and he loves us!

The Late Night Show with David Letterman, that is probably one of the good American talk shows that ever penetrated Philippine television. And in it, we see old Dave really lambasting whoever is crazy enough to make himself a laughing stock to good ol’ Dave, including George “Dubya” Bush.

There was one episode though, a long time ago, when I heard Dave complain about a toothache. And Dave was so sore because his dentist, a Filipino, had to go on his sabbatical leave, all the way back to his islands in the Far East, the Philippines. Of all times, when the toothache was unbearable…

Inevitably, the Filipinos are making their presence known, and Dave has to enumerate top ten things about the Filipinos that would never make the Filipino president of the United States. I think this dates back to as far as four years ago but here are his negations:

Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President
By David Letterman

10. The White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. There are not enough parking spaces at the White House for 2 Honda Civics, 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 3 Toyota Corollas, a Mercedes Benz, a BMW , and an MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with their fingers at State dinners.

7. There are too many dining rooms in the White House – where will they put the picture of the Last Supper?

6. The White House walls are not big enough to hold a pair of giant wooden spoon and fork

5. Secret Service staff won’t respond to psst… psst or hoy hoy hoy.

4. Secret Service staff will not be comfortable driving the presidential car with a Holy Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror, or the statue of the Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase a Karaoke music-machine for every room in the White House.

2. State dinners do not allow Take Home.


1. Air Force One does not allow overweight Balikbayan boxes!

These reasons speak so much about how Filipinos are, and others would perceive these silly or funny. But these are very Filipino, and I think Dave, no matter how silly these are to him, really thinks the Filipino is capable of any task given him.happy

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