Chores Done Before Breaking of Dawn.

Spicy Chicken Caldereta

There’s a quaint feeling waking up the ungodly hours after midnight. The quiet fills the senses that one can even hear an uncanny chirp from the outside. It’s like my angel whispering, beckoning me for a new day.

So I mutter my morning prayers, a habit I learned as a child. I used to go down on my knees beside the bed but as the age advanced, I believe it was all right to just say ‘Hello, God, good morning!’ with my head still stuck on the pillow. Figured God wouldn’t mind at all, does He?

Then I spin to do the tasks for the day: preparing meals and washing the laundry.

Not heavy chores really. The washing machine does all the whirring, including the spin drying. Albeit the cooking takes time. With the rice boiling in the cooker, I usually check the vegetable bin for healthy meals.

This morning, I cooked boneless ‘bangus sinigang’ or milkfish simmered in tamarind broth. The recipe includes okra (lady finger), sitao (string beans). onions and tomato. It would have been tastier if there’s siling haba (long green chili) and kangkong, a variety of spinach leaves, but I don’t have those in my bin at the moment. Sigh.

The other viand in photos was the chicken caldereta I cooked yesterday. It’s just chicken thighs simmered in tomato sauce with potatoes, carrots and bell peppers. Super tasty and spicy. Yup, added one tiny red chili.

The best thing after the satisfying tasks is that I get to reflect and write about my activities, aside, of course, from checking with family and friends.

The important things all done before morning!

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