My Mommy’s in Heaven now.

The church says that it is forbidden to tinker with gadgets during the Holy Mass. Precisely because of this reason that I did not record Fr, Eymart’s Sunday Homily last night. If only I’d known what he would say, I would have disobeyed that order, and recorded Fr. Eymart’s strongest sermon ever. At least for me.

The Gospel, as we all know by now, is from St. Mark. Our Lord asked “Who do people say that I am?” His apostles gave three answers: John the Baptist, Elijah, and, from Simon, he said “You are Christ, Son of the Living God.” And Fr. Eymart proceeded to explain this Gospel story further in a highly theological point of view.

Wow, I thought, the sermon seems like a super speech in the academe, where minds meet on a highly intellectual level.

But I was not prepared for his conclusion.

In relating the Divinity of our Christ to our ordinary lives, he narrated the story of a visionary who has a woman friend that got afflicted with cancer. When this woman friend learned of the diagnosis for her illness, she told God that she believes in Him. as Simon Peter did, as well as to all the doctrines of the church. And because of this that she made a pact with God. She said: God, I know that i have many misgivings, and that I am not as worthy for your heavenly kingdom yet, and I know that I will be stashed away in purgatory, till I am cleansed immaculately to enter your kingdom, but I do not want Purgatory, so I am accepting all the suffering that cancer brings, I will endure all the pain, without question, so long as when the end finally comes, You bring me directly to Heaven, your Kingdom. And when the woman died, her visionary friend received a vision: she was already in heaven.

There might be a few hundred people listening to the Gospel, but i believe the message was directly for me.

Since Mommy died, I was waiting for her to come visit me, But nada. For how could she? Fr. Eymart just told me my beloved Mommy is already in Heaven.

Such speed, Mommy.

And when I related the story to Ate Grace, she said, of course, Mommy has been physically repressed, painfully, that when she finally was set free, she must have sped as fast as she can.

Show me a vision, Mommy, say a rainbow, or a host of sunflowers, or any of the favorite things. Even if I know you are already there.

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