On Seinfeld and the human specie.

In the international news today: Jerry Seinfeld, the famous television comedian a decade past believes he has autism. He declares he is a very literal person, and the expression “You are the apple of my eye” confuses him, because he searches for an apple in the eye.

Okay, here’s my problem of over a decade old that finds solution just today. The highly popular Seinfeld comedy program was totally incomprehensible to me. I do remember trying to watch the comedy by straining my auditory nerves just to understand what the show was all about. After a few weeks of painstaking viewing, I gave up and decided I was not intelligent enough for high level comedy, and consoled myself that that was because Seinfeld was American sarcasm at its best. And only Americans can laugh at their own selves.

Now I am vindicated as an ordinary human. I, of course, suggest that the ones who laughed at Seinfeld, laugh again, and this time, at their own selves, for they never actually understood Seinfeld, unless they have autism, mild or not.

Which brings me to a contention I argued upon long ago: humans are mutating.

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