The Walk

The 6.6 kilometer brisk walk i made this morning was a revelation. I am OLD. And my body needs good health care.

I was literally pushing one foot in front of the other towards the end of the fifth kilometer, and I had to pause for some cool water, to get my bearing again, for the necessary last leg. Tish said that less than six kilometers does not have much effect on the body weight, so I had to gather all will power to make that last round. That is no hyperbole. I have neuropathy, a complication of that sugary condition called diabetes. My feet were SORE! Walking was agonizing, and so you are right, I held the beads and meditated on the mysteries that happened on the way to Calvary.

if only I had not been so indolent and gluttonous, I would not have accumulated as much body fat as I am suffering from now. Good thing I chanced upon my image on the mirror the other week, or I would not have noticed the heavy built. Most often, I am in denial, that I could not have possibly eaten one plate too full. I’d like to thank my classmate Raphy for reminding me that discipline is the only key to good health. Thus, the walk.

Okay, people, I was not alone at the oval. There were at least six pot bellied men, two obese lads, a few senior citizens, and many sexy health buffs, one towing her mixed breed, a real large canine, and another young man parading his well-trimmed Shih Tzu.Those were the ones I met because they jogged clockwise, there were even more moving with me counterclockwise.

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