Been melancholic for weeks, lost a dear friend called Menchie Sarreal, my walking partner, in July, and then a college classmate, Dawn Soriano Munoz passed away, too, just last week, both to cancer, that illness that pervades the senses and consumes the being. Then, today, I learned that Margarita Victorino Castro, a beloved high school mate, lost her husband Ariel, too.

The social news are also depressing: the pork barrel scam, the rice hoarding, the Syrian sarin gas genocide, the mindless or heartless oil price hike, the impending US attack that could lead to war…

It is as if there is no reprieve to the endless distortion of human existence, ever since Pandora’s box was opened, and that we have to endure all sadness as consequences of the diseases we have unleashed and bestowed upon ourselves.

Nope, I refuse to succumb to the harshness of it all. There is hope to a brighter tomorrow, and I am going to pray for it. So i walked again, four and a half kilometers this morning, holding my rosary, asking the Blessed Mother to accompany us in our fight for decency, for truth, for peace, and may God grant us joy each day, good health, prosperity. 

Menchie used to prod me to keep walking, to keep going, for we still have miles to go before we sleep, oh well, she slept on me, but I think I am heeding the prodding, a wise friend’s advice is always good for the soul.

And for the body weight! — feeling better.

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