I enjoyed The Lone Ranger!

I had the chance to view The Lone Ranger, a Walt Disney adaptation of that classic Hi Ho, Silver Away….dananandananandananannannan, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto, and of course, like many of the characters this actor has portrayed in many of his blockbuster movies, this Tonto elicited much chuckle ] from the audience, too, making the seemingly grim, almost tragic legend of the Lone Ranger a comedy pic. It’s a PG 13, actually, and the movie includes a morbid cannibalism scene, which, of course, was graphically censored but totally implied, and yet, all seen, actually, though the eyes of a child. Hay, need I say more? The only thing I want to tell is that I am recommending this relatively unbelievable, totally magical film for all ages. You’d learn more about how the West was started, and a few things about spiritual journey, and that in the end, life does come full circle. Quite enjoyable. Bring a cloak, but not a dagger.

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