Exercised my inalienable right to vote, on the very first hour this morning, with my two girls. It was quick enough, the picos machine functioned all right, the precinct clean, the poll guides tact and systematic, and my girls and I still have the indelible ink on our forefingers, despite the glorious whitewashing that we did in our home in Antipolo. We will put the house up for bed spacing, for ladies only, of course. If anybody knows of anyone who is interested, advise me, okay?

The elections was peaceful in my area, reason why my Jean was so peeved when she heard on the radio, while sponging the window panes, that there was a Revilla drama in Cavite. complete with high-powered firearms, ala action flick, that we three contended the senator from that violent province must have an illusion that his real life is a movie. Wish these moviedom celebrities stay out of politics, as Rene Saguisag explained, a senator’s job entails all hours max, that there is no time for film flicks. So, get real, Bong, just keep yourself and your wife cute in entertainment, so we could have a good congress of the people, please! Goes for all the others. Tama na ang walang education or qualification for legislation and governance.

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