Calling Complacent Catholics

Heard 7pm Mass at St. Paul last night, Fr. Eymart delivered a very powerful homily, addressed the complacent Catholics, said statistics show that for every eleven Catholics, one departs the Catholic Church, for such reasons as: the priest does not deliver a good homily; second collections are money making for the church. and the like. How flimsy, or how lame. Truth is, Catholics who say such things are those who seek attention for themselves, those who are afflicted with crab mentality, because they are the ones who are not happy watching many other Catholics live Christianity as the Master commanded them so. So, they find reasons to create talk, to put down their fellow Catholics, and in the end, they leave, and live by one protestant rule: attack the Catholic Church. Catholics had been complacent long enough, and that includes those who are Catholics on Sundays only. There is much more to being a Catholic than attending the Mass an hour in a week. Catholicism calls for universal service. And what is alarming, while Christians are busy destroying Christians, abominations in every facet of the human being are inculturated in the Christian. Now the Christian believes divorce is right, abortion is right, or same sex marriage is right. No, these things are never right. This is of great concern. What is more scary is: there are more believers of Islam now, and gradually, they are asserting their sovereignty over society. Just go to your nearest malls, you will find them there. Come on, come on, Catholics, wake up, our job is not done, the mission is not over, come on, wake up and help. Carry your Cross.

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