Licensed To Drive

Spent two hot mornings @ LTO, Agora, San Juan. The land transportation office was filled with applicants, the long line that started way before the sun was up, shows a system still rotten. What could have been done in less than an hour was prolonged, because those who are in charge allow the pathetic system to persist, am sure, they do not want to clean up because they earn that way. In the meantime, the people’s time are wasted, and they endure the unhygienic toilets for drug testing, the smelly canal that leads to the office, vendors and smokers all contributing to polluting the small space where my daughter queued up for her driver’s license. And the Estradas/Ejercitos talk as if they had done so much for San Juan, so they would be running for posts again this coming election. Go to Agora and feel the ambience of Estrada country, you might want to ponder about your ballot come 13th of May.

Anyway, Tish is now licensed to drive. She had been pestering me for the longest time if she could drive, and I had been adamant, NO!, can’t allow her driving without a license. On the way back home, she slept in the car, maybe due to the fatigue from the hassle of applying for a license. When she woke up, I asked, You want to drive? She said No. Okay, I said, just asking, because You don’t wanna be accused of being licensed without driving. The old joke worked, she brought us safely home. 🙂

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