Hot Holy Wednesday

It’s a hot Holy Wednesday. Swept the yard and watered the plants. Triduum of Easter begins tomorrow, so might as well clean my front porch, too. The “kalakal” has accumulated: brown paper bags and boxes, newspaper and plastic water bottles, a few tin cans, sigh, I sometimes wonder why we never got rid of all these, when we had been trying our best to be eco-friendly! When that is done, I’d open the Good Book and read the Gospel according to Luke, then continue with the Acts of the Apostles, written by Luke also. If you want a detailed narrative of our Lord’s life story, I recommend Luke because he wrote the Good News telenovela style. 🙂

Hmmm, but if it is so hot to read, I’d put Ten Commandments and Ben Hur on viewing, ha ha, love Charlton Heston, really.

Wish to see you guys at the Vigil and the Visita iglesia (can’t believe that Good Friday has become a tourist attraction, and not only in places like Pampanga where devotees flagellate and nail themselves on the cross, but look here now, at Padre Pio Shrine and some other pilgrimage churches, they have real wooden crosses for visitors to bear).

Would you believe that the young boys and girls I meet during this Holy Week exercise are the bright and the good ones. Which makes me conclude that the shallow ones are probably on the beach of Boracay, or the like, frolicking. Just saying.

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