Father Cash

There’s an exciting (more likely newly ordained) priest called Fr. Cash, who bears an uncanny semblance to that comedian Ogie Alcasid, but this youthful priest, believe me, is a lot more comic, totally refreshing, absolutely handsome. He apologized for his ultra energy, he was, he said, positively excited to meet us. He didn’t know he had a calling, for he wanted to be a seaman.Fr. Cash comes from an ultra poor family from Bacolod, where he, being the eldest in the family, helped his parents in trying to make ends meet. So, in between his studies, for he was able to secure a scholarship, he engaged in all kinds of income earning chores, including raising pigs. And yet, his parents never acknowledged his work. With a heavy heart, he left home and sought refuge in a mission home, where he was educated, and the rest is history.Fr. Cash received a call from his mother, crying, telling him that his father has TB, so he asked, is it flat screen?, and sent money for medicine. Not long after, his mother called again and said his father has UTI and ulcer, so he asked what his father was drinking?, and his mother said coke. He sent home money for medicine. His mother called again, to tell him that his father had an accident, a cargo fell and pinned his father’s head on top of the truck. Fr. Cash felt sad, for what else could happen to his father. Recently, his mother called and told him his father’s liver is ailing, and diagnosis, if he was not mistaken, was the Big C.

Fr. Cash asked for prayers, for his family, because they are so poor, and his father, for he is the only father he has got.

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